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Special Units

Special Units
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Special Units
There are other units besides some of the basic units you can recruit in the barracks. These units have unique abilities or just plain strong compared to normal units. Some of them are unique to certain maps but mostly all of them can be obtained through rewards in contests or completing their respective event. These are some of them.

Pyromaniac & Marauder
The Pyromaniac is a melee unit that excels at setting buildings on fire. Burning buildings have their effectiveness reduced essentially crippling the opponents castle after an attack. The Marauder is a melee unit that has an exceptionally large bag for carrying large amounts of loot/plunder. They are ideally used in the later waves when most of the enemy troops are gone since they are rather easily killed. They can be obtained as a random prizes from various events or from a random camp outside your castle provided you do what they ask.
Special Units

Travelling Knights
The travelling knights are a really powerful variation of the normal units that are available in the barracks. They don't have any special properties. They are just a really strong unit. They can be obtained through special events. Most notably is the event that they themselves hold in which you are to attack robber baron castles in hopes of finding a relic of theirs.
Special Units

Renegade Cultist Warrior & Bowman
These units are a versatile type meaning that they are good for attack and base defense to some degree and are quite powerful. These can be obtained at later maps or at random events that happen around your castle if you manage to complete some of their objectives.
Special Units

Deathly Horror & Demon Horror
These units are some of the most powerful units you can get in the game. They can be obtained when you buy a lot of rubies or attain a rather high position in a tournament or event. These units are mostly hotly contested since having them in an attacking force greatly increases your chances of success.
Special Units

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