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Magicite Guide
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Darkness Rises is a dark fantasy action RPG that brings players in a world threatened by a massive demonic invasion. Players take control of legendary heroes to decimate the demonic forces in a smooth, fast-paced, action-packed combat. As your character grows stronger, so are the challenges he/she has to face in the end-game content. In our Magicite guide, we will discuss the basics of using this mechanic to further increase your character’s power.

What are Magicites

The Magicite feature will get unlocked after clearing Adventure Stage 25-1. Like runes, you can equip Magicites to your character to give them additional stats and increase their power. There are 6 types of magicite - one for each element. You can equip 1 magicite per element; the magicites are color-coded so you can easily identify them at first glance. There are also three magicite pages, allowing you to easily try different loadouts or combinations. You can access the magicite window by opening the main menu > character > Magicite.

Magicite Guide

Each magicite starts with a main trait. There are three tiers of traits, which will be applied randomly. Once fused or enhanced, the magicite will receive a random trait. Magicites can have up to 2 random traits. These random traits cannot be changed even after further enhancement. Magicites cannot have the two exact traits.

Magicite Guide

Magicite Main Trait
Fire ATK
Earth DEF
Water HP
Light Crit Activation
Dark DMG Reduction
Wind DEF Pen

Enhancing Magicites

You can enhance your magicite to further increase their stat. You can use two enhancement materials: excess magicite and magic scrolls. These items are consumed when used as materials. If you use another magicite as material, the target magicite will have its low,mid, or high traits maintained. Material magicites should be at most 2 ranks lower than the target magicite. You can only enhance a magicite up to 5 times per rank.

There’s a chance for the enhancement process to fail so try to get to 100% success rate whenever possible. If ever the enhancement fails, the enhancement items are lost but the target magicite remains intact.

You can also select up to 20 materials. If ever you’ve used multiple materials for a single enhancement attempt and the target reaches +5 enhancement before all material is used, the remaining material will be returned in excess.

You can perform the enhancement from the Magicite Screen or by accessing it from the Blacksmith screen.

Fusing Magicite

You can fuse two +5 magicites of the same element to obtain a higher quality magicite (of the same element). The resulting magicite will also have randomized traits. There’s also a probability to get a Success (+), Great Success (++), or normal rating results.

Similar to enhancement, you can also do this by selecting the a (valid) magecite and tapping the “Fuse” button or via the "Fuse Magicite '' option at the Blacksmith screen.

Upgrading Magicite

This process is very similar to Fusing Magicites since these processes add new traits; however, unlike magicite fusion where random traits are added, magicite upgrade at least provides fixed traits.

The process involves using +5 Upgrade Scrolls to increase a magicite’s rank. The scrolls must be of the same type and rank as the target magecite. The resuting magicite will be of the same element.

The resulting magicite will maintain its original random trait but with a random stat value. If there are more traits random added, the original random trait will be retained and an additional random trait will be added.

Image courtesy of Nexon.com

Image courtesy of Nexon.com

This concludes our guide about Magicite in Darkness Rises. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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