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Rune Guide
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Darkness Rises is a dark fantasy action RPG that brings players in a world threatened by a massive demonic invasion. Players take control of legendary heroes to decimate the demonic forces in a smooth, fast-paced, action-packed combat. Skills and stats aside, weapons and equipment are also an important factor that players should always keep updated and upgraded. In our Rune guide, we will discuss the basics behind Runes and how they can help to further increase your character’s power.

What are Runes

Runes are special stones that your character can equip directly to get stat boosts and additional activated effects like increased ATK speed for a few seconds, HP recovery, or many more. Each character has 6 rune slots, two for each type. Additionally, there are three loadout options, allowing you to try different rune combinations. Take note that since the equipped runes has direct effect to your current power level, don’t be surprised if your power will fluctuate depending on the loadout you’ve selected.
Rune Guide

There are 3 types of runes: Power, Resistance, and Life. Power increases ATK, Resistance increases DEF, and Life increases HP. Each rune has effects that get activated once the conditions are met.

You can equip runes for free but removing them will require you to pay a miniscule amount of gold. You’ll need to remove your runes just in case you want to fuse them or upgrade them.
Rune Guide

Rune Fusion

Having low-rarity runes early on is actually okay, especially if you don’t have any other runes to equip. However, if you want to maximize their effects, you’ll need to get and equip better ones. Rune Fusion is one way to do it. You can combine several runes of the same type to create a better version.

You can only fuse unequipped runes so if you’re trying to improve a rune you currently have equipped, you’ll need to remove it first, fuse it, then equip it again. The number of material runes needed will depend on the quality of the main rune you’re trying to fuse.
Rune Guide

Unlike enhancement where your progress is saved even if you didn’t reach 100%, the gauge in the lower-left indicates the success rate of the rune fusion. As such, only perform a fusion if you can completely fill the gauge. Otherwise, you have to keep your runes for now and wait until you can complete the fusion progress to 100%. Take note that the resulting rune, though of higher rarity, will be random.

Rune Upgrade

Upgrading also enables you to increase the rarity of your rune. The main difference is that you’ll get a fixed result - the upgraded version of the same rune you’ve upgraded. The requirement is straightforward but steep; you’ll need several copies of the same rune to upgrade them together and get the better version.

In the example below, you’ll need x5 (B+) Rage - ATK SPD II runes to get an A+ Rage - ATK SPD II rune.
Rune Guide

Runes aren’t that dynamic since you won’t get to farm them that often. However, the effects they provide are nevertheless invaluable so don’t forget to equip runes, even if they’re low rarity. It’s better to have those stat boosts and effects even if they’re just meant to be placeholders.

This concludes our guide regarding Runes in Darkness Rises. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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