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Rage Skills Guide

Rage Skills Guide
Darkness Rises Guide


Darkness Rises is a dark fantasy action RPG that brings players in a world threatened by a massive demonic invasion. Players take control of legendary heroes to decimate the demonic forces in a smooth, fast-paced, action-packed combat. Since combat is an integral part of the gameplay, your characters’ combat skills will be a major factor on how easily and reliably you can defeat enemies. In our Rage Skills guide, we will discuss the basics of Rage Skills and how to use them to your advantage.

Rage Skills are special yet powerful abilities that can only be used in specific conditions, allowing you to immediately kill normal, elite, or boss monsters in a flashy execution animation. To use Rage Skills, you’ll need to fill up your Rage Gauge then press the Rage button once it appears in the lower-right corner of your screen, beside your skill icons. Normal enemies can be executed in quick succession while Elite and Boss enemies need to be weakened first before you can use a rage skill on them. However, once a rage skill has been activated, the target’s fate is sealed and it will be killed instantly as soon as the execution animation stops.

Rage Skills Guide

So far, Rage skills have 5 levels, with three paths (for Normal, Elite, and Boss enemies). The Normal and Elite paths share the Kills+ skill, which increases the number of normal and elite enemies you can kill in quick succession. At level 5, you’ll be able to execute 5 normal monsters or 3 elite monsters consecutively. Rage Skills Guide

To level up rage skills, you’ll need to spend Rage Points. You can obtain Rage points by unlocking Development Achievements. Rage Skills can also reduce the DEF stat of surrounding monsters based on the level of the skill. The severity and range of this effect will be dependent on the skill level.

Rage Skills Guide

Don’t forget to level up your rage skills since they’ll make your job a lot easier. The type of rage skills you can unlock are fixed so don’t worry about missing out on them. Additionally, please remember that your characters in auto-battle will not use any Rage skill. However, you can still trigger this skill if ever the prompt appears even while auto-battle is active.

This concludes our guide about Rage Skills in Darkness Rises. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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