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Rank L Fusion Guide

Rank L Fusion Guide
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Darkness Rises is a dark fantasy action RPG that brings players in a world threatened by a massive demonic invasion. Players take control of legendary heroes to decimate the demonic forces in a smooth, fast-paced, action-packed combat. Skills and stats aside, weapons and equipment are also an important factor that players should always keep updated and upgraded. In our Rank L Fusion guide, we will discuss how to fuse L-rank gears - the highest rarity of gears in the game.

We have already covered the basic Fusion system that allows you to combine fully enhanced gear to create one gear of the higher version. Rank L Fusion allows you to combine two identical S++ gears to create a more powerful Rank L gear. This works even if you combine the PvP or PvE versions of the same gear, as long as they have the same exact name.

Rank L Fusion Guide

Since this process requires the same type and name of gear, be careful not to accidentally use a potential Rank L material gear as Transcend Material since it will be hard to get another exact copy of that gear.

To perform this fusion, you have to do the following steps:

1. Open the main menu, then go to Gear.

2. Select the main gear that you want to develop to Rank L.

3. Tap the Rank L Fusion

4. Select the identical gear that you’ll use as material (this gear will be destroyed)

5. Apply the Fusion Guardstones and Rate Up Stones if applicable.

6. Press the Rank L Fusion button and pay the required amount of gold to complete the process.

Image courtesy of Nexon.com
Image courtesy of Nexon.com

Fusion Guardstones and Rate Up Stones are premium items; so far, it seems you can readily buy them using real money. I can’t confirm yet if these particular Rank L stones can be farmed through challenges or via other Shop tabs.

Rank L Fusion Guide

Here are some additional notes about Rank L Fusion.

* Both the main and material gears should be S++ and both should be fully enhanced.

* Newly fused gear will reset to LV1

* The resulting new gear and any equipped jewels from the material and main gears will be returned to the inventory.

* You can view the all available Rank L gears by going to Lobby – Menu – Item – Grimoire.

* Successful Rank L fusion using weapons or armor will result to a random piece of Rank L gear (Normal, PvE, or PvP) corresponding to the type of gears used for the fusion.

* Successful Rank L fusion of accessories will always result in a Rank L accessory.

* Rank L gears can still be Refined and Enhanced like any other gears.

* Rank L gears don't have the + or ++ variation, which makes them impossible to be morphed.

* You can still transfer refinement, add jewels, or change traits of Rank L gears.

Rank L Fusion Guide

Rank L gear will provide an enormous stat increase when equipped. Additionally, Rank L weapons will randomly come empowered by 1 out of the 5 possible Rank L skills, as listed below.

These skills are attached to the weapon but thankfully, you can still change them. (Please refer to our dedicated guide about Rank L Skill Change). Furthermore, these skills will automatically activate as soon as the skill gauge becomes full during a battle. No additional controls or QTE buttons necessary.

Image courtesy of Nexon.com
Image courtesy of Nexon.com

As you can see, Rank L gears are extremely powerful and useful so don’t forget to get them whenever there’s a chance. A single Rank L gear significantly boosts your character’s power so it’s understandable how powerful your character can get with several Rank L gears.

This concludes our guide for fusing an L-rank gear in Darkness Rises. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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