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How to Raise Max Level

How to Raise Max Level
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Darkness Rises is a dark fantasy action RPG that brings players in a world threatened by a massive demonic invasion. Players take control of legendary heroes to decimate the demonic forces in a smooth, fast-paced, action-packed combat. In our Character Development guide, we will quickly discuss how to improve your character’s stats permanently, increasing their overall power as well.

Enhancing your character will permanently increase their stats. There are 6 stats in the game as follows: ATK, DEF, HP, Crit Activation, DMG Reduction, DEF Pen(etration). Each stat has 5 levels each. sTo increase their level, you have to spend Elemental Essences, Mystical Essences, and gold. Mystical Essences are the universal essence used by all skills. However, the elemental essences required will be specific to each stat, as follows:
* Fire Essence - ATK
* Earth - DEF
* Water - HP
* Wind - DEF Pen
* Dark - DMG Reduction
* Light - Crit Activation

How to Raise Max Level

Essences can be obtained by clearing specific stages or opening Essence Chests. To know where to obtain a specific essence, simply do the following:
1. Tap the stat to reveal the required essences.
2. If you have insufficient essence, tapping the “+” icon will immediately reveal the (highest level) stages that you’ve cleared where you can farm the essence. Just tap “Go” to head there directly.
3. If you have enough essences, just tap the essence then select Source. Like above, you’ll be able to select the stages where you can farm them and go there directly.

How to Raise Max Level

After leveling up all stats to their max level, press the Max Enhance Level button that will appear on the lower-right corner of the screen. This increases the level cap of your skills, allowing you to further increase their levels. You can upgrade these stats manually or you can use the Auto-Enhance button in the lower-right.

This concludes our guide for raising your character’s Max Level in Darkness Rises. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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