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Pet Development and Breakthrough

Pet Development and Breakthrough
Darkness Rises Guide

Darkness Rises is a dark fantasy action RPG that brings players in a world threatened by a massive demonic invasion. Players take control of legendary heroes to decimate the demonic forces in a smooth, fast-paced, action-packed combat. Skills, stats, and equipment aside, you can also bring along pets in your adventure. In our Pet Development and Breakthrough, we will discuss how to increase your pet’s stats and unlock new traits to further help boost your character’s power.

Pets provide your character useful stat boosts and power increase. They’re not that hard to maintain and look after. You just need to make sure that they’re properly fed (recharge their Candy) daily and you’re pretty much all set. However, you can further improve your pets and even unlock their own skills.
Pet Development and Breakthrough

Pet Development

Similar to gears and your character, leveling up is pretty much mandatory to ensure that your gears and character are in tip-top shape to overcome harder challenges. Pet Development is similar to this mechanic where you can use Development Berries to increase your pet’s level and stats.

There are three types of berries: Attack Berry (red), Defense Berry (blue), and Support Berry (yellow). Your pet can only use development berries that match their type/class. You can get more berries from released pets, honor shop, guild shop, gem shop, fishing, Lucky Wheel, etc.
Pet Development and Breakthrough

When you’re ready to develop your pet, do the following steps:
1. Tap [Development] to open the Pet Development menu on the right.
2. Select the amount of berries or you can just tap “M” to automatically set the max berries of that type that you currently have.
3. Pay the required amount of gold to complete the process.

The amount of gold and number of berries required for pet development will increase according to the pet’s development level.

Pet Breakthrough

Once your pet has been developed enough and reached its max level, you’ll be able to increase the level cap and add new traits to it through Breakthrough. Breakthrough will require Pet Breakthrough Berries and a huge amount of gold. Similar to Development Berries, Breakthrough Berries that match the pet’s type can be used. You can also buy them from the same sources (honor shop, guild shop, gem shop, fishing, Lucky Wheel, etc.).
Pet Development and Breakthrough

After a successful breakthrough, the pet will get a random trait. You can breakthrough up to 2 times per pet. Furthermore, you can also “reshuffle” the breakthrough trait if you’re not satisfied with it by feeding the pet Re-breakthrough Berries.
Pet Development and Breakthrough

As you grow stronger and gain more access to resources, it’s a good practice not to neglect your pets’ growth. Always develop them so you can breakthrough them and make them even stronger.

This concludes our guide about Pet Development and Breakthrough in Darkness Rises. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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