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How to Process Soulstones

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How to Process Soulstones

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Blade & Soul Revolution has a lot of resources that you’ll need to manage. While most common items and materials can be farmed, there are some that can be generated by collecting other materials. In this page, we will cover the method of processing soulstones to give you more ways of obtaining items and crafting materials.

What are Soulstones?

Soulstones are special stones that can be obtained from Faction War or picked up from Faction Battlefields. There are three grades of soulstones: Normal, Premium and Super. The quality of items that you’ll get will depend on the grade of the soulstones you’ve processed. Soulstones alone does not occupy inventory space; however, the items acquired from soulstone processing do, so make sure you have enough inventory space before processing.

Please refer to the table below for the possible items you can get from soulstone processing. The items you’ll get will be random.
Required Number for Processing
Possible obtainable items
Normal Soulstone
Weapon Enhancement Stone, Accessory Enhancement Stone, Normal Ore, Normal Metal, Enhancement Stone Fragment, Forgestone
Premium Soulstone
Special Metal, Special Ore, Premium Metal, Premium Ore, Fixed Forgestone, Weapon Enhancement Stone, Accessory Enhancement Stone
Super Soulstone
Radiant Accessory Enhancement Stone, Radiant Weapon Enhancement Stone, Radiant Enhancement Stone Fragment, Fixed Forgestone

How to Process Soulstones

How to Process Soulstones

You can process your soulstones anytime by opening your Menu, select Item, and Process Soulstones. From there, you can process as many times as needed, as long you have enough soulstones. If you hav a lot of soulstones stocked up, you can even instantly process up to 10x worth in a single button tap.
How to Process Soulstones

That concludes our short guide on how to process soulstones in Blade & Soul Revolution. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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