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Hongmoon Arts Guide

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Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world action RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. Since combat is an integral aspect of the game, properly and constantly upgrading your skills is very important to ensure your survival against the monsters or even other players you’ll face. In this page, we’ll cover your character’s Hongmoon Arts and unlock more combat potential.

What is Hongmoon Arts?

This feature becomes available once a character reaches level 100. Here, you’ll be able to use Hongmoon energy (more to that later) to unlock specific nodes that will permanently add the corresponding stats to your character.
Hongmoon Arts Guide

Think of Hongmoon Arts as books that have two volumes. Volume 1 becomes available for LV100 characters while Volume 2 becomes available to characters who reached Hongmoon LV1. Volume 1 has 5 chapters, while Volume 2 has 11 chapters.

For Volume 1, a new chapter is unlocked for every 20 levels gained by the character. You’re required to unlock all nodes of a chapter before you can move on to the next chapter.

For Volume 2, you can unlock Chapters 1 and 2 for every 5 levels your character increases, and the remaining chapter 3-11 will unlock for every level your character increases.

You can access the Hongmoon Arts screen by launching the main menu, selecting Skills, then choosing Items. Alternatively, you can also launch the HM Arts screen by tapping the notification bell in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to unlock nodes

Each node is color-coded (red, blue, and yellow), which corresponds to the type of Hongmoon Energy needed to unlock them. Think of them as the currency needed to buy the node. You can refer to the chart below to know what kind of energy is required per node type. The stat increase value is the same for all chapters. You can choose your own path between mastering all stats or skipping the middle part and moving onto the next chapter.
Hongmoon Arts Guide

Where to get Hongmoon Energy

Hongmoon Energy has different grades: Normal, Greater, and Super. The amount of energy you can get will vary depending on the grade. Normal gives 20, Greater gives 100, and Super gives 500 energy.

You can get Hongmoon Energy from the following sources below. Take note that after obtaining these energy “bottles”, you’ll need to use them from your bag to add the energy to your total.
* Random drop from monsters in the Training Ground
* Purchase from the Exchange Merchant at Yehara's Mirage and Zaiwei South District.
* Purchase from the in-game shop.
* Obtain as a level-up reward.

That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s Hongmoon Arts system. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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