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How to Level Up Skills

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How to Level Up Skills

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Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world action RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. Since combat is an integral aspect of the game, properly and constantly upgrading your skills is very important to ensure your survival against the monsters or even other players you’ll face. In this page, we’ll cover the basic skill mechanics of the game’s skill system.

The skills that will be available for your character will depend on his/her chosen class during the character creation part, when you’re starting the game. In this page, we’ll be showcasing the skills of the Force Master character we’ve created.
How to Level Up Skills

For your character to use his/her skills, you’ll need a weapon to be equipped. To access the Skills page, you have to tap the Main Menu, select Skills option then select skills again. There are two different skill stances: Base and Ultimate. A third stance will be available depending on your character’s class. Since we’re using a Force Master, the third stance is Phantom Grip.
* Base Stance: This is your standard skill set, where you can chain your skills for powerful combos and finishers.
* Ultimate Stance: You’ll switch to Ultimate Stance when you use an Ultimate Skill while your Focus is full.
* Phantom Grip Stance: This stance is unique to the Force Master, which will activate when you render an enemy helpless for a short duration.

You can tap each skill’s icon to see its details. The arrows indicate the skills that are part of combo chains. If you have unlocked the related Variants for each skill, you’ll be able to see them from this screen as well. Variants are basically special modifiers attached to specific skills that you can freely apply or remove as needed. Once applied, the variant will modify the skill’s properties, with varying effects like increased damage, inflicting status ailments, knocking back enemies, and more. Always consider applying Variants as soon as they’re available. (Please check out our dedicated guide about Variants or Secret Techniques below)
How to Level Up Skills

You can level up each skill to improve their effects and stats. You’ll need Essence of Skills (blue orbs) and the required amount of silver to upgrade a skill level. The higher the skill level goes, the more Essence of Skills and silver will be needed to level it up. As much as possible, try leveling up all available skills and ensure that there’s no huge gap between their levels. That way, you’ll be able to maximize their effectiveness.

You can buy Essence of Skills from the Shop > Utility > Potions. The maximum number you can purchase will be limited per week. After reaching your limit, the Essences will be restocked on the scheduled weekly reset at the start of the week. (Monday). Thankfully, you’ll only need silver to buy these.
How to Level Up Skills

It is possible to reset your skill levels, just in case you'll want to re-spec. This can be done by buying the Skill Reset Ticket by accessing Shop > Utility > Other. This item costs 500 Blue Crystals, which is a premium currency. If you're a free-to-play player and don't want to spend, you'll need to be careful when allocating skill points.
How to Level Up Skills

That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s Skills system. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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