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Training Ground Guide

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Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world action RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. Character levels will go past LV200 and as such, you’ll be grinding and farming for materials and drops to keep your character’s growth and improvement. In this page, we will discuss one of the methods for effective grinding: the Training Ground.

Training Ground Overview

The Training Ground is a special area and separate instance that you can enter for a maximum of 30 minutes per day. After using up the 30 minutes “training”, you’ll need to wait for the Daily Reset or simply wait for the following day to enter it again. The timer will only move while you’re inside the Training Ground. You can use Auto-battle until the timer runs out, in which the game will automatically return you to the previous location prior to accessing the training ground.

If you entered the Training Ground and remained idle for 2 minutes, the game will automatically kick you out as well to preserve your limited training time.

Monsters in the Training Ground will drop Hongmoon Energy, Blue Energy, and Red Energy. These can be used to learn and level up Hongmoon Arts.
Training Ground Guide

Training Ground Areas

There are four types of training grounds, depending on the level range of the monsters found in each area.
Entry Level
Monster Levels
Rec. Attack
Rec Defense
Shadowy Forest
Fullmoon Lake
Sunset Ravine
Hongmoon LV. 1
Barren Ruins
Hongmoon LV. 10

Training Ground Guide
Training Ground Guide
Training Ground Guide
Training Ground Guide

Entering the Training Ground

There are several methods of accessing the Training Ground:
1. You can easily access the Training Ground by selecting it from the notifications bar in the upper-right corner of the screen.
2. Open your main menu, select Adventure and access Training Ground.
3. Open the Quick Menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Training Ground.
Training Ground Guide

Inside the Training Ground

Once inside the training ground, the timer will start. You’ll also have two keys that you can use to open one of the chests in the starting area. These keys will be part of the daily game reset so basically, you’ll have two keys daily. Unused keys will not be carried over to the following day.

These chests will contain a random buff. The three normal buffs are listed below. There’s a secret buff that if you’re lucky enough to open, will activate all three normal buffs at once.
* XP Gain +40%
* Silver Gain +20%
* Item Drop Rate +10%.
Training Ground Guide

You can reset the buff or reset the chests by talking to the Chest Manager in the starting area. If you want to cycle through the buffs, you can pay the Chest Manager with silver to remove the current buff you have and replace it with a random buff. The buff you’ll obtain will remain for the duration of the Training Ground, even if you changed areas.

That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s Training Ground Guide. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game. [/box]

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