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Reforging Guide

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Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world action RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. Like other RPG titles, equipment plays a vital role in strengthening your character. However, in BnSRev, simply getting the best available gear for your character is not enough. In this page, we will discuss the game’s Reforging system and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Reforging

This is a process where you’ll be able to change the current stats of an equipment and “roll” for better ones. Equipment pieces will start off with four possible stats for reforging, each starting at Grade C (lowest). The reforge option’s grade determines the value of the stat or skill. The reforge option grades are C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, L.

When reforging, you’ll want two things:
1. Getting a better stat/skill
2. Getting a higher-ranked version of the skill that you have.

The results of forging are random. If you’re not careful, you might accidentally reforge and lose a good stat/skill. You can reforge as many times as you want, as long as you have enough Forgestones.

How to Reforge

To reforge, you’ll need Forgestones and Silver. (To know where to get Forgestones, check the separate section below) You can only reforge equipment by using the Fire Pit in major towns/villages. If you’re not sure where the Fire Pit is located, you can tap the arrow beside the mini-map in the upper-left corner of the screen to bring up the Movement Guide. This will list all facilities/shops in the area. Scroll down and select Fire Pit for your character to move to it automatically.
Reforging Guide

Interact with the Fire Pit and select the Reforge option to open the window. Next, you’ll have to select the equipment you want to reforge. If you take a look at the equipment pieces, they’ll have dots in the upper left corner of their boxes. These correspond to the reforge options (skills/stats) currently attached to them. Gray-colored dots mean that the equipment wasn’t reforged at all, and will have Grade C reforge options.
Reforging Guide

Select the equipment and you’ll be reforging. Before you reforge, you can review the min-max values you can possibly get by tapping the question mark beside the Reforge button on the lower-left corner of the screen. When you’re ready to go, press the Reforge button to roll the stats (reforge options). You can keep rolling until you get the stats you want, provided that you have enough silver, forgestones, and patience.
Reforging Guide

Now, unless you have incredible luck, it’s almost impossible to get at least S-grade skills in every single reforge roll. That said, it’s natural that you’ll want to “lock” the skills that you don’t want to be changed. This can be done by tapping the Fixed button on the lower-left, for each of the skills you’ll want to be retained. Doing this will consume Fixed Forgestones. These are different types of forgestones that can only be used for this purpose.
Reforging Guide

Locking several stats at once increased the required amount of forgestones. For example, if locking a skill/stat costs 1 Fixed Forgestone, locking three will require 5 fixed forgestones instead. The equipment’s quality also affects the amount of Fixed Forgestones needed to lock a skill. The higher the quality, the more fixed forgestones are needed to lock the preferred skills. The required amount of forgestones will be consumed for every Reforge attempt.

Where to Get Forgestones?

Normal forgestones can be obtained from the following sources:
* Purchased from General Merchants in major towns/settlements.
* Clear Timed Missions
* Process Soulstones
* Fishing contests (held by the clan)
* Salvage equipment

Fixed forgestones can be obtained from the following sources:
* Craft from the General Merchant (use 40 normal forgestones per 1 fixed forgestone)
* Win from the Prize Board
* Obtained from Timed Missions
* Obtained from Hongmoon Adventure
* Process soulstones
* Fishing contests (held by the clan)

That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s Reforging mechanic. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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