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How to Create or Join Parties

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How to Create or Join Parties

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Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world action RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. There are large-scale and difficult battles that can’t be tackled alone and will require parties to clear them. In this page, we will discuss how to join existing parties or create your own and recruit other players to join you.

Parties can be formed regardless of Faction, with one Party Leader and several members depending on the created party type. (Normal or Raid) Dungeons (except the solo ones like Training Grounds and Daily Dungeons) and raids can only be attempted while in a party. Take note however that certain quest dungeons cannot be attempted while in a party.

Normal Parties can take up to 4 players including the party leader while Raid Parties can take up to 16 players including the leader. Here are some restrictions for a Raid Party:

* Once a Raid Party has been formed, it can’t be changed back to Normal Party.

* Raid Parties cannot enter Normal/Heroic Dungeons.

* The Change Position option becomes available upon creating a Raid Party. Use Change Position to change who the Party Buff is applied to.

* Raid Parties are organized into 4 groups of 4 players. The Party Buff is applied to party members in the same group.

* Raid Parties will have access to the Change Position function, which allows the leader to manually set the positions of the participants.

Unless you have a close-knit group of 4 or 16 players to form a party with, you’ll most likely have to publicize your request to form a party via the Recruitment Channel chat. There you can include important information like Party Info, Recruitment Message, and Party Entrance Restriction to attract potential party members.

The leader can organize the party with a wide variety of options for him, as listed below:

Option Description
RecruitSet party info, publicize the party, and recruit members.
Party BuffsView the applied party buffs.
Create a 16-Player PartyChanges a Normal Party to a 16-Player Party.
Invite to PartySelect nearby characters, friends, or clan members to invite to the party.
You can invite players by searching for their Character Name.
DisbandDisbands the Party/Raid
KickSelect a party member to kick.
DelegateSelect a party member to appoint as the leader.
Ready CheckSend a message to the party members asking them to check their Ready status. A “Ready Check” pop-up will be displayed for the party members, to which they can reply with either "Preparing..." or "Complete"
Call for Party MembersWhen the party leader calls for a party member, they will receive a notification. Accepting the call moves the party member to the leader.

Here are the different party functions and their descriptions:

Option Description
Party BuffsAcquire Party Buffs depending on the number of party members. Party Buffs requires a minimum of 2 players and has a maximum of 4 players. In the case of Raid Parties, Party Buffs are determined by the number of members in one group. Only the party members in a group will receive the Party Buff. 1 group can consist of 4 players. Each group has a different buff applied.
Party Buff TypesParty Buff for 2/3/4 players: XP Increase +2% / +3% / +8%
Party Member StatusView party members' HP and other status information.
Party Member Average DamageView the average damage of the party members. Manage your party strategically using this information.
Joint-AttackSee further details below

* Joint-Attacks occur when landing 1 attack that inflicts status effects.

* Against some bosses, however, Joint-Attacks can only occur under certain conditions. There are even some bosses you can't use Joint-Attacks against.

* Joint-Attacks occur when the party has 2 or more players.

* When Joint-Attack occurs, party members must choose either Stun or Knock Down.

* Joint-Attack succeeds when every party member chooses the same Joint-Attack.

* If party members choose different Joint-Attacks, the Joint-Attack will fail.

* If even 1 party member fails to select a Joint-Attack, the Joint-Attack will fail

That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s Party System. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.
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