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System Requirements

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System Requirements

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Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world action RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. While the game features auto-combat, most players will appreciate responsive manual-input combat from time to time, as well as a smooth overall experience. That’s where the device the player will be using comes in. In this page, we’ll quickly cover the required to play the game.

The game is resource-heavy. While most modern phone models will be able to handle it just fine, players with high-end phones will be able to push the game’s engine to the limit and with the best settings. However, you should consider that running any game at high resolution and FPS will greatly impact your device’s battery life and heat it produces.
System Requirements

Minimum specification:
* OS 11 / Android 6 or higher

Recommended specs:
The official Google Play page of the game recommends a Galaxy S7 or higher. In the in-game CS Center help topic, iPhone 6 or higher is also recommended. We can use those two phones' specs as a baseline to know if your device could run the game smoothly.

You don’t need to go too technical; as long as your device’s specs are higher than the minimum specification, you’ll be able to run the game. iPhone users should be able to identify the android equivalent of the specs mentioned above.

If your phone can’t seem to run the game (even if you’re trying to run on the lowest settings), you’ll have the alternative to play the game on an emulator. The popular ones like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. We are personally using Bluestacks for our guide and the emulator’s performance will be directly connected to your PC’s specs as well. If you decide to play the game on an emulator and you have questions/issues running the game, please contact the respective emulator developers.
System Requirements

That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s system requirements. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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