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Skill Badge Guide

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In Blade & Soul Revolution, equipment plays a vital role in strengthening your character. Aside from the weapons and accessories your character can equip, you can also give Skill Badges to your characters to further increase their stats and provide them with additional effects. In our Skill Badge Guide, we will be discussing the details on how to use this feature to your advantage.

What are Skill Badges?

These are items that can be equipped to your character, providing various stat bonuses and beneficial effects. Skill badges belong to a category of their own; as such, you don’t need to manage them from your inventory. Skill Badges can't be equipped automatically, but they can be unequipped or changed during battle.
Skill Badge Guide

There are three types of Skill Badges: Attack, Defense, and Support. The badges are color-coded as well, to make it easier to identify their type from the get-go. Red for Attack, Blue for Defense, and Yellow for support. You can equip up to two badges per type, for a total of six badges at a time. Similar to weapons and accessories, there are several enhancement options available to get better skill badges.

Each Skill Badge has its own unique and additional options (stats/skills) which you can change through the “Upgrade” and “Change” processes. There’s even a Skill Reforge process to shuffle the options available for each badge. The max number and value of skill reforge options that can be applied vary based on the Skill Badge's grade. More details about these processes will be discussed below.

By equipping skill badges, your character will also benefit from the Equip Bonus, which is a set of different effects provided by the skill badges currently equipped to your character.

How to Manage Skill Badges

You can access the Skill Badge menu by doing the following methods:
1. Open the main menu, select Items then Skill Badge
2. Open your Character Info screen (tap your character’s class icon in the upper-left corner, beside your character level), tap the Skill Badge tab, tap Manage.
From there, you’ll be able to swap/equip your skill badges, upgrade, switch, and even reforge their skills.
Skill Badge Guide

Upgrading Skill Badges

Upgrading skill badges is basically combining 3-6 badges of the same grade to create a single badge of a higher grade. The number of skill badges you’ll use will affect the drop rate chance. To reach a 100% drop rate, it’s recommended to use 6 badges. If you failed the upgrading process, you’ll only get a random badge of the same grade and the other badges will be gone for good. Even at 100% drop rate, there’s no guarantee what skills the resulting skill badge will have.
Skill Badge Guide

Changing Skill Badge

This process will allow you to randomly change a badge’s undesired or unwanted option or type. To do this, you’ll need to select the badge you want to be modified, and another one that will be used as a material. The material badge will be destroyed after the process. You can use different types of badges as long as they’re at the same grade. There are three Change options available:
* Change Additional Option: Skill Badge and Skill Reforge options will remain the same; while the Additional option will change.
* Additional and Skill Reforge options will remain the same while the skill badge will change into a different Skill Badge, becoming the same type as the main material.
* Additional and Skill Reforge options will reset while the Skill Badge will change to a different type of skill badge other than the material.
Skill Badge Guide

Skills Reforge

This process is similar to the Reforge mechanic used by weapons and accessories. The Skill reforge options may vary based on the class and type of Skill Badge. This process will also use Forgestones.
* You can “hold” a desired option after reforging by using a Fixed Forgestone.
* You can check the skill reforge options by tapping on '?' button from the Reforge screen. This will display the possible min or max values that you’ll get from refroging.
* The number of skill reforge options that can be applied is different based on Skill Badge grade.
* The max value of the skill reforge option that's applied to various skills is different based on Skill Badge grade.
Skill Badge Guide

That concludes our Skill Badge Guide in Blade & Soul Revolution. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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