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Building a Power Supply

Building a Power Supply
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Power Supplies are an integral part of constructing a computer and some other items so it's an important one to know how to build. It's actually relatively simple to build however because you need so much copper and iron wire you do need a lot of starters.

An alternative would be to split off some of the circuits and divert them somewhere else, but that may slow down production of larger items such as computers. You just have to see what works for you. If you find you are making an excess of one items then split some off or change how your starters are set up.

Ok, so you need one circuit and 3 of both copper and iron wire to make one power supply.

This page, deals with Building a Circuit.

The screenshot below shows us our setup, as you can see we have decided to utilise 7 starters to make the power supplies - it's what we found works for us as our primary objective is not to sell these, but to go and make computers.

Building a Power Supply
Building a Power Supply

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