Assembly Line

Building a Lazer

Building a Lazer
Assembly Line Guide

A lazer is constructed with 6 batteries, 6 circuits and 10 diamond plates.

You can see our designs for the manufacture of these items on their individual pages in our guides (building a battery and building a circuit).

So, we just need to add to those designs the manufacturing of diamond plates, craft them all together and we have a lazer.

Below are screenshots of how we constructed the finished lazer product.

Building a Lazer
Building a Lazer

Lazer Workflow
Lazer Workflow

Let us know explain what is in those screenshots. From the top left we are constructing a circuit (see the first crafter to the top left of the image). This then goes to the crafter one square to the right of it where it is crafted aluminium and liquid aluminium to make a battery.

On the right we are constructing another circuit and a diamond plate, these two additional items meet the third crafter to the left along with the battery from the second crafter to the left to see the finished lazer product.

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