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Building a Computer

Building a Computer
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To make a computer in assemly line you will first need to construct a number of objects which are then added together to form a computer at the end.

Updated for September 2018.

Here is an updated blueprint to construct computers.

The final construction of a computer is done by crafting together a processor, power supply and six pieces of aluminium.

Everything is detailed in the screenshot below which we have shaded to ease of reference and will explain in detail all about it and how to make everything in the section below the screenshot.

Building a Computer - Explained Below

Building a Computer - Explained Below

At the top we are building a circuit on the left and copper and iron wire, we mix all three of these components together in a crafter to make a power supply.

A bit below that and to the left we have two starters each outputting aluminium which are sent to the central crafter, along with the power supply.

At the bottom to the left and the right of the long roller we are constructing processors, the only difference between the one on the left and the one on the right is that we are filtering half of the processors to be sold directly as our set up makes too many processors otherwise.

Have a fiddle with the output levels, but this setup should be good to make some cash in the game.

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