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Building a Server Rack

Building a Server Rack
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The server rack a constituent part of the construction of a Super Computer so it is quite an important item to make as the Super Computer is the most expensive item that you can make in Assembly Line at the moment.

Making a server rack in the game is relatively easy in actual fact you can make it using just one starter as it only requires aluminium (raw aluminium and aluminium plate). You need 10 pieces of aluminium and 20 pieces of aluminium plate to make just one server rack.

We decided to make ours utilising two splitters to help us achieve a ratio of aluminium to aluminium plate that had the least waste as you need twice as much aluminium plate as you do aluminium.

You could of course utilise three starters, two making aluminium plate and one making aluminium but you make find that you have too many server racks being built if your send result is to construct and sell Super Computers.

The screenshot below shows you our setup.

Building a Server Rack

Building a Server Rack

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