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Getting Started
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The game does offer two handy tutorial options. One which will give you written instructions about all the elements in the game, and the other will video walkthrough you how to construct your first assembly line. Then it is pretty much you go and dive in.

So, let's pick up where the tutorial leaves off.

What will be your first assembly line?

We are recommending starting with a very simple assembly line, just a start and finish block to produce elements and sell them right away, until you accumulate enough money to unlock the other features in the game and are able to afford to construct items which sell for more money.

Initual Tutorial and First Assembly Line

But don't just stop at a single assembly line. You can create a load to help the money roll in faster.

Building More Assembly Lines

At this stage of the game, you can only have 8 starters, my suggestion is that you create all 8 complete assembly lines (starter, finishers and resource selected) to start the cash rolling in!

Assembly Line with 8 Starters

Assembly Line with 8 Starters

You can see how much money your factory is making by looking at the figure towards the top right of the screen, if it is green you are making cash!

Now lets take a look at tweaking the amount of money that each assembly line generates by looking at the electrical costs.

Let's move onto the Making Money section on the next page.

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