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The idea of the factory is that you can make as much money as possible by making an efficient assembly line, producing items that make a lot of profit.

In the beginning, in our Getting Started guide we looked at maximizing the number of starters to allow the game to continually make money even when you are not playing it.

Max Out Your Starters

So for now, in the beginner stage, our first tip to make money in Assembly Line is to max out your number of starters - Obviously make sure these are working properly - There needs to be a seller at the end of the production line somewhere. And they have to be making some kind of resource - at this stage it doesn't matter too much what that resource is.

Unlock Upgrades

Our next top tip is to go to the green up arrow icon and check out the upgrades that you have available to, in particular reducing the electrical cost of starters. This will allow you to make more profit as your costs are being reduced.

If you have enough cash you can also look at increasing the number of starters that you can make and decreasing the starter spawn times, this will all help to make your factory more efficient.


Once you have maxed out your starters and made enough upgrades you should then look at the Blueprints menu which will allow you to construct more items which can be sold for bigger profits.

We cover blueprints and their usage in detail on the next page of our guide.

Selecting the most profitable items

The profit you make is really a measure of how efficiently you can use the resources given to you. Because we are only allocated a limited number of starters, we have to utilise these as best we can in order maximise our profits.

While the game is currently being updated, and our recommendations could therefore become outdated, at the moment we recommend that you build tablets and computers for maximum profits.

Update: In the recent update new blueprints have been added such as the AI Robot, we'll be providing out factory layouts asap for these high value items, in the meantime, also check out our new designs for the new Advanced Engine, and Electric Generator.

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