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Review by GuestJun 1st 2019
Great game. UI is a bit clunky and unresponsive but still useable. 9/10
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Review by GuestMay 23rd 2019
Please make available on Apple play store! I miss this game so much since I switched phone!
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Review by GuestApr 16th 2019
Amazing game but watching adds for rewards does not actually give you the reward. Thats my only criticism on this game!
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Review by GuestMar 16th 2019
Out of date and isn't showing 100% effect lay outs. I came here to find improvments and got none
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Review by GuestMar 14th 2019
This game is awesome, very good game to spend some time and work out your brain
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Review by FaelynIsDarkDec 15th 2018
Good. Has good mechanics and style.
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Review by GuestMay 4th 2018
Love it! But I want more blueprints, equipment, and everything!
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Review by GuestApr 25th 2018
It's a fantastic, educational brain Game with huge addiction factor
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Review by GuestApr 11th 2018
Es un buen juego, me gustarĂ­a que tuviera mas retos.
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Review by GuestMar 9th 2018
I can never seem to time everything right but other than that it's good
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Review by GuestMar 6th 2018
Its good Its good Its good Its good Its good Its good
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Review by GuestFeb 23rd 2018
Smart and plentiful with challenge, this game was absolute addict. I have stack for hours with it. I'm sad for the limitations they have, if it possible to have the ability to make some things more may be outstanding and absolutely impressive, for example.. more spawning items from 3 was on starters, the options for selectors make them capable to count and the same time separate more from one preferred item for separation in the same ways, a larger board(i made the production line for super computer 1unit/10sec or Laser 1unit/sec and that duo to board's limitations) or if make a spawn transfer roller... thing with the ability to bridge tow same(if you want) points between tow deferent boards. Thats all... excuse me if i ask insane and hard things but i must say even so was excellent and amazing work! Well done programer-ers, kipped like this!
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Review by GuestFeb 14th 2018
10 / 10 would rate again
I loves this game
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Review by GuestJan 5th 2018
It's an interesting idea for a game; and pretty fun to play with (surprisingly addictive). But when I've just built 15 starters, or 15 crafters, it would be much better if I could set them all to make the same thing. There's quite a few bugs which it seems are a natural consequence of a single design decision; I know how I would have built the game to avoid these problems, but I suspect it would be a lot of effort to fix that at this stage.

One other issue is that you can't see what a starter/crafter is configured to make. Several times I've had a line running, and because of the low frame rate it might be a long time before I realise that I've missed out one of the starters when telling them what to create. It would be really useful if crafters could be decorated with the icon of what they're making; and if the arrow on a starter could change to the colour of the resource it's producing, so that you can see even when a line is paused.

It would also be good if the 'pause' button could allow you to pause starters, crafters, drawers/furnaces/presses/etc, or all three. Quite often when I pause an assembly line, I want to stop all the starters and wait for the wire drawers and hydraulic presses to disgorge all the materials that are queued up in them; but this doesn't seem to be possible.
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Review by GuestJan 3rd 2018
Addicting for sure. always striving to make the assembly line bigger and using all components...
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Review by GuestDec 26th 2017
This game is quite good but the only thing is, it is hard to make money.
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Review by GuestDec 17th 2017
Great game. Fun as - I am able to play it for ages without getting bored. The graphics really suit the game. To make it better I definitely would add some achievement to work for.
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Review by GuestDec 15th 2017
Yes yes dankeroni 10/10 would download again
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Review by GuestNov 11th 2017
Love this game. Just wish for a few more machines and/or more things to produce.
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