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Building an Electric Generator

Building an Electric Generator
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For the electric generator, you'll need a generator, circuit and battery.

We have on other pages in our explained how to make each of these items individually, here are the direct links to those pages:

Building a Circuit

Building a Generator

Building a Battery

So, basically all three of these items must be crafted, and then brought together to be crafted into the electric generator, you can then sell the finished product.

You can check out our layout below, it's not the most efficient set up but works, and is profitable.

Building an Electric Generator

Building an Electric Generator

At the top left of the image we are building an engine, this is then crafted together with gold and copper plates (delivered from the top right) to the crafter in the center where a generator is built, and fed into the crafter just below it, where it is crafted with the circuit and battery to made the electric generator.

At the bottom left we are building a circuit and feeding that into the main crafter in the center.

At the bottom right we are building the battery and that is also fed into the main crafter in the center (the one just above the sell unit).

Good luck, if you need extra help, please check out our answers page, where you can brows previous questions or ask your own.

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