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Building a Tablet

Building a Tablet
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Building a tablet on Assemby Line is a great way to maximise returns for the number of starters you have to use.

The process is a little complicated as you have to craft other objects which then have to be crafted together to make a tablet.

Basically it is as follows:

You need two craft two circuits (building a circuit), these are then crafted with two pieces of aluminium to make one processor.

Somewhere else, you need to craft one circuit, which is added to one aluminium an one liquid aluminium to craft into a battery.

Bring the battery, processor and 4 pieces of aluminium together to craft a tablet and link that to a seller - Check it's all working ok, then watch the profits roll in!

Please see the screenshot below, which hopefully explains everything!

Building a Tablet
Building a Tablet

In the part shaded light blue in the screenshot we are building two circuits, the one on the left, drops down to the roller below it and onto the crafter. The one on the right drop directly into the crafter below it. To make a circuit you need gold, copper and copper wire.

in the part shaded pink we are adding the raw material aluminum which mixes with the tow circuits built in the light blue section to craft into a processor.

In the part shaded green we are making a battery. Here we have used 5 starters. On the left we have aluminium which goes into a furnace to make liquid aluminium, this then goes onto a roller and meets the contents on the next starter, which is just ordinary aluminium. Together, they are taken by rollers into the crafter, where they meet a circuit which is built by the three other starters.

The battery is then taken to the final crafter at the bottom of the screenshot where it meets the processor (built in the pink section - you'll need to add the rollers to take it to this crafter) and it meets 4 pieces or ordinary aluminium and turned into a laptop which is then sold!

The yellow shaded area indicates where we have added aluminium into the final mix.

If you have enough starters, you can actually build two of these bad boys side by side in one factory.

Two Tablets Production
Two Tablets Production

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