Which Skills Should I Get First in Towerlands?

Which Skills Should I Get First in Towerlands?
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There are a lot of interesting skills in Towerlands. However, the problem is that the skill points needed to actually earn them do not come easy in the game. Besides the fact that the experience point needed to fill the skill point gauge increases each time you earn a skill point, there are just too many skill options to pick in the game making it hard choose between them.

Which Skills Should I Get First in Towerlands?

Below are some of our suggested skills (and reason why we picked the pertaining skill) -- that will help you greatly in the game from start to end-game level.

Increases Experience for Enemy Kill (full)

If you upgrade this as soon as you can and max it up, you'll earn more experience every battle -- which will hasten the process of earning skill points. Do this in tandem with the Veteran's ability and you'll earn lots of skill points in no time.

Increases Health of Summoned Creatures (full)

Summoned creatures are your front liners in battle. What they do is prevent the enemies in coming too close to you tower and inflict damage to it. You might think that this skill isn't that great of an improvement, but when you get your tank units to a level where they have 1000+ HP, that is an additional 200 HP for this passive skill alone.

Lower the Time necessary to Reload active Abilities

Most unit skills in the game (especially the ones we use) takes 15 seconds to reload as a cool-down penalty. So until this gauge is full, you can't use their abilities. This is probably the hardest to one to pursue because it will only start to have an impact when you've maxed it out (10%). That said, you'll get 1.5 seconds shaved off to that cool down sequence.

Increases Summoned Creatures Attack Speed

If you followed our Best Build guide, you are probably relying heavily on tanks to hold off the waves of enemies. During the early parts of the game where you do not have much damage dealers, you'll probably have to rely on your tanks to do the damage dealing as well. Good candidates for this Job are the Paladin, Knight, and Commander. The Old Paladin will especially benefit from this passive skill because it also happens to have high damage value and an already high attack speed. Alternatively, you can use the skill points on the "Increases damage caused by Summoned Creatures" which will rough have the same effect.

Quick Tip:

Don't waste your skill points on anything that has something to do with increasing Gold from kills (because there is an easier way to earn gold in the game), as well as using skills to improve the HP of your tower (at least in the beginning of the game). Lastly, you may also choose to reset your skill point allotment by paying 100 gems (not cool).

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