How to Level Up Fast in Towerlands?

How to Level Up Fast in Towerlands?
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Leveling up in the game means upgrading your tower and ultimately improving your units and the tower itself. To do this, you should have the resource to fund the upgrades which is primarily Gold. If you are playing the game in long idle intervals, you should maximize the amount that you can collect in your storage (inside your city) by prioritizing its upgrade more than anything else. If for instance you've reach level 10 storage, it will fill it up with a maximum of 2.5 Million Gold. What you'll have to do then is simply watch the 30-second video ad to double that amount to a whopping 5M.

How to Level Up Fast in Towerlands?

However, if you play the game in quick succession, it is more promising to gain Gold from the castles that you acquire in the Map. To do this, you'll have to battle all the Castles that you can defeat. If you want to create a promising set of units to fight your battles and beat the hardest of battles, check this Best Build Guide..

When you are new to the game and have recently unlocked all its features, a lot of promotional in-app purchase packages will be plugged by the game which are really cheap to boot. The best one that we got was priced at $5, which included 800 Gem and several Gold as well. Reserve the gems on tower skins later on in the game or the really useful Units like the Valkyrie or Modules like the cannon -- which were discussed on the Tips and Hints section of the guide.

Lastly, you might also want to unlock most of your passive skills in the game to get you the extra buffs you'll need in battles like ones that extend the HP of your summoned creatures, the ones that improve their attack speed, and similar buffs. To do this, you should enlist the "Veteran" among your roster of units to benefit from its skill of improving the experience gain by 50%. Additionally, a similar skill in you library will have compounded effect in tandem with the Veteran.

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