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Tips and Hints
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Which are the Best Units to Level Up

Zeus - 6 targets at level 50+, which is 200+ damage on that level
Old Paladin - Summons 1 unit (Paladin), at level 50 it has 600+ damage, 1300+ health, just 15sec cooldown
Druid - Summons 1 unit (Forest Demon), at level 50 it has 200+ damage, 1800+ health, just 15sec cooldown
Valkyrie - Summons 3 units (Valkyrie Sisters), at level 50 it has 200+ damage, 600+ health, teleports to target, and just 15sec cooldown
Ice Mage - casts ice storm to an area which slows down the enemy passing through that area.
Earth Mage - casts an earthquake to an area which stuns the affected enemy for 5 seconds.
Elf - increases both speed and damage of archers for 5 seconds. Very effective on campaign.
Veteran - increases experience points earned from battles. At level 50+, increases critical hit percentage and critical hit damage by 50%

During Castle battles, you might also want to change your Modules to:

Top Module: Trebuchet (+500% damage increase to castles/buildings)
Center module: Cannon (+150% damage increase to castles/buildings)

How to get more slots (inside my tower)

You will be given more room inside your tower for your units and modules every after 10 levels (of upgrade in your tower). During the early levels of the game, you will have 3 to 4 slots for your units and 2-3 slots for modules. You will unlock all the 4 free slots (1 top, 2 center, 1 bottom) for your modules and 8 free slots for your units by the time you reach level 80. the extra for units that gets unlocked when you reach level 100 will be for your turrets.

Bigger Chunk of Gold

If you are playing the game with long hours of interval between playing, you might want to focus on upgrading your storage in the city -- to increase the maximum amount of gold that you can gather in the hours that you are not playing. To increase the rate of farming, you'll have to increase the level of the mine. However, if you are playing the game most of the time (and for extended hours), what you should do instead is to conquer as much castles as you can -- as they generate more gold every few minutes time.

Gaining Experience Faster

Gaining experience in the game will reward you with skill points. These skill points can then be used to unlock or upgrade your passive skills in the library. You have a wide variety of passive buffs that can benefit you greatly in your battles -- there are skills that improve your summoned creatures, improve your tower's health points, and many more. Among the passive skills that you have though, there is one that improves your ability to gain experience from all your battles. You should prioritize upgrading this skill (+50 experience gain at level 20) along with enlisting the "Veteran" hero within your battles -- which also increases the experience you gain from every battle. Additionally, know that there are certain artifacts in the game too that can increase your experience gain in every battle.

Use Special Modules for Castle Battles

When you are trying to conquer castles in the map, you should know that there are tow modules that will give you tremendous boost for this particular job. You can purchase the "trebuchet" top module for 100,000 Gold - which will boost your damage to castles to 500%. If that is not enough, you might also want to save up 80 gems to purchase the "cannon" center module, which will improve your damage to castles another 150%. Sweet.

Other Sources of Craft Materials

If you ran out of challenge options in the map to gather your craft materials, you should know that joining a clan and asking your clan members for these resources is one way to get them. However, obtaining resources through this channel means you'll have to repay it some way sooner or later. Alternatively, if you happen to have a lot of (unused) artifacts in your inventory, those old and weaker ones that you do not need anymore, you have the option to disassemble them and get some surplus raw materials from it. Use the “Dissipate” option when you view an artifact in the statue.

Watch the Videos to Double Up on your Gold!

Even if you are not particularly fond of watching ads to gain something for free in the game (or in any game for that matter), you might want to watch that video ad especially when you play right after a long idle time. Doing this in return will multiply the Gold that you've collected to 2. Which means, if you have gathered 2.5 million in your storage, watching a 30 second ad will automatically double that figure! Sweet!

Best Value for Money In-app Purchase

Early in the game, you'll be offered with tons of in-app purchase packages that are insanely cheap (as compared to those regular options later on in the game). They usually are offered every time you completed 10 waves of enemy or every after 10th upgrade done in your tower (level 10,20,30...). Among these packages, you find one that will offer 800 gems plus gold for just $5. Whatever happens, DO NOT spend these gems in exchange for Gold because acquiring that same amount of gold will be relatively easy in the game after a few days of playing. Reserve these gems to get rare hero purchases, the cannon center module (80 gems), and to purchase tower skins after you've reached tower level 100 -- which are insanely useful to boot.

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