Facilities in Towerlands (tips included)

Facilities in Towerlands (tips included)
Towerlands Guide

Facilities in Towerlands

Facilities in Towerlands (tips included)

Library - the library is where you can view and upgrade all the passive skills that you’ll get in the game. There are 3 also tiers of passive skills. The first tier will be available to you as soon as you get the access to your city after the tutorial phase of the game. The second tier will be available once you’ve reached tower level 50, and the last tier will be unlocked upon reaching level 150. Skill points are earned whenever you fill up your experience gauge from slaying enemies. The option to reset your passive skills is available but it will set you back a hundred gems.

Quick Tip:

- Prioritize on improving the “Increases Experience for Enemy Kill” among your skills in the library. This way, you’ll have it easier improving your skills early in the game.

- Avoid spending skills on improving the hit points of the tower as it would be totally useless and unnecessary.

- Early in the game, you may want to enlist the “veteran” hero in your tower to earn additional experience points.

- Even if you lose a battle, you still earn experience points depending on the enemies you’ve slain so you might want to just keep playing the harder stages (the ones that are suggested slightly above your own level) to earn experience points.

- The other skills that you may want to improve (early in the game) are: “Increase Health of Summoned Creatures”, “Increase Summoned Creature Attack Speed”, “Increases damage caused by Summoned Creature”, and “Lowers the time necessary to reload active abilities”

Training Grounds - this will become available when you get one of your units to level 24. To get past that level, you will have to “train” the unit in the training grounds to reach level 25. To unlock this feature, you will have to pay 200k gold (Training Ground Level 2). To unlock level 3 and train the units to get past Level 49, you will have to pay 1,000,000 Gold -- which then increases the cap level to 59. To upgrade this facility further (increases cap limit), you will have to pay 5,000,000 Gold (always 5 times the previous unlocking cost).

Facilities in Towerlands (tips included)

Increasing the cap limit and training your units is very important because they get to unlock special abilities that are very beneficial to you. For instance, getting the ability (of summoned creature) to inflict damage to an area (multiple targets). Zeus (a special unit that you’ll unlock when you reach level 30) will benefit greatly when he reaches level 50 as he will be able to hit 5 enemies at a time instead of 1.

Storage and Mine - these facilities will be introduced to you early in the tutorial phase of the game. It is important that you improve these facilities if you play the game in short periods in between long idle times. Upgrading the mine will improve the collection rate of the Gold, while upgrading the storage will improve the max value of Gold that you can store. These two facilities make up the “Idle Farming” section of the game.

Quick Tip:

If you play the game every after 8 hours, upgrading the Mine and Storage at around Level 8 on your first 100 levels should give you a pretty decent amount of gold (with the chance to double that collection by watching the 30-second ad). However, if you are on the level where 2-3 million Gold does not get you anywhere, you might want to start upgrading these facilities again.

Forge and Statue - the neat thing about this tower defense game is that it still had a room for a crafting system. What you get to craft in this game are the different “Artifacts” that you can equip your statue with. And though you’ll mostly earn much of your first few artifacts from beating certain castles and monster installations outside your city (kingdom view), you’ll end up having to still “craft” better artifacts to use later on in the game, using the raw materials that you get from the islands at the top of the kingdom, or from your clan members.

Be sure to equip the best artifacts too. Always, check on your statue and see each part of it -- if it is equipped with the best one that will benefit you the most. For instance, if you are about to fight a “boss” stage (usually every 10th stage), you might want to equip artifacts that increase your “Damage to Boss” enemies.

Quick Tip:

If you have a lot of artifacts that you do not need anymore, you have the option to disassemble them and get some surplus raw materials from it. Use the “Dissipate” option when you view an artifact in the statue.

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