Towerlands Guide and Tips

Towerlands Guide


If you are looking for something light and fun to kill your time, Towerlands is a new tower defense game that offers a refreshing new concept that should keep you busy and excited for quite a while. While it keeps the traditional strategy-centric gameplay that is common to tower defense games, the battlefield setting is re-visualized using a 2D platform -- which gave the game quite the breath of fresh air that the genre badly needs. What's more is that you can play the game offline too.

Towerlands Guide and Tips

The goal is simple; as with any other tower defense game, you will simply have to survive the wave of enemies attacking your fortress. What you have for protection between the horde of attacking enemies and your city is a single standing structure -- your Tower. Built vertically like the Trojan horse, you’ll somehow have to put all your defense units together in this sole tower.

The game features;

1000 waves of enemies

27 units to explore and train

30 artifacts for the craft

Strategic map

6 different buildings

3 enemy races: Orcs, Undead, and Bandits

8 locations

Online clan system

World ranking of players and clans

You can play offline

Idle gold farming

Towerlands Guide and Tips

Preparing your tower to handle the horde of enemies is also not an easy task -- because in the game, the room to hold your units will be limited to your tower level. Apart from leveling up your main tower, you’ll also have to upgrade your units (which in itself is difficult as the resources are limited), pick which ones to enlist in a pertaining mission (wave), and pick among a wide variety of modules for your tower’s additional line of defense.

Towerlands Guide and Tips

In this guide we’ll share some useful tips on how to progress seamlessly in the game, picking the best units to upgrade (and combination of units), as well as suggestions of in-app purchases that give the best value for your money. Welcome to the guide!

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