Towerlands Best Unit?

Towerlands Best Unit?
Towerlands Guide

There is no one hero or unit that can be described as the "best" unit in Towerlands. It is impossible to rely entirely on one unit to actually help you beat all the levels and stages of the game -- for the challenges do vary from time to time. But if there is one single unit that should always be in the group that is the single most important of all, it would probably be the Ice Mage.

Towerlands Best Unit?

The reason is simple; although the ice mage isn't particularly a strong damage dealer, its role as crowd-control is probably the most crucial among all the units in the game -- especially that you can get him really early in the game. He may not be sufficient though on the latter parts of the mid-game, but in tandem with the earth mage, nothing will be able to penetrate your defense.

Towerlands Best Unit?

That said, it is very important to keep these 2 mages in your roster of heroes. Make sure to level them quickly, and get them past the first 2 level caps (Level 24 and 49). From there onward, even the Earth Mage can render serious damage along with his stun effect to those in proximity. Additionally, the Ice mage's freeze skill will extend a few more seconds of effect -- while still having the same cool-down time.

Another good unit to promote in this category is Zeus -- for when he reaches Level 50, he can simultaneously attack 6 targets with the same damage on each one. It is very important that you get him leveled up as soon as you get him (tower level 30-ish). If you've got the mage units to control the flow of the wave, Zeus is relatively just as important as he can produce a lot of damage on multiple targets.

Additional Tip:

Towerlands Best Unit?

Best Line-up of Units

Zeus - 6 targets at level 50+, which is 200+ damage on that level
Old Paladin - Summons 1 unit (Paladin), at level 50 it has 600+ damage, 1300+ health, just 15sec cooldown
Druid - Summons 1 unit (Forest Demon), at level 50 it has 200+ damage, 1800+ health, just 15sec cooldown
Valkyrie - Summons 3 units (Valkyrie Sisters), at level 50 it has 200+ damage, 600+ health, teleports to target, and just 15sec cooldown
Ice Mage - casts ice storm to an area which slows down the enemy passing through that area.
Earth Mage - casts an earthquake to an area which stuns the affected enemy for 5 seconds.
Elf - increases both speed and damage of archers for 5 seconds. Very effective on campaign.
Veteran - increases experience points earned from battles. At level 50+, increases critical hit percentage and critical hit damage by 50%

Modules for Castle Battles:

Top Module: Trebuchet (+500% damage increase to castles/buildings)
Center Module: Cannon (+150% damage increase to castles/buildings)

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