Towerlands Basics

Towerlands Basics
Towerlands Guide

Towerlands Basics

The game is divided into 3 main sections. When you start the game, you will be introduced to the “Campaign” section of the game -- where the actual tower defense game takes place, as well as upgrading of the tower itself and customizing the units therein. As you pick up on the tutorial phase, you’ll be introduced to the “City” section of it where you'll be introduced with your passive skills, as well as the mine and storage which is the idle farming portion of the game. Before you finish up in the whole tutorial phase, you will also be taken in the “Kingdom” interface of the game, where you will find additional PVE missions, arranged as different bandit or fiend installations that you will have to defeat and conquer (as you progress in the game)


This is where the battles take place. Here you can see the tower itself and all the installed units and modules to prevent the enemy forces from overwhelming your city’s defenses. In this section of the game, you can upgrade your tower, purchase your units, purchase your modules, purchase turrets, and upgrade them individually in-between the battles. In the actual tower, you can also arrange the combination of units to enlist by removing installed units and picking the ones to install from your collection.

Towerlands Basics

Take note that even if you remove them from the tower, these units will still retain their levels so you are free to still use them on other missions that will require their strengths/specialty. The Campaign section is also the main hub in the game, from here, you have the option to view your City, as well as your Kingdom (Map), and upon closing these windows (using the “x” button at the upper left portion of both screens), you’ll be sent back to the Campaign view.


The city section of the game has different facilities for you to fiddle around with and basically improve your performance in the battles. First you have the Library for that. As you kill enemies from playing the campaign, you earn experience alongside the gold you are rewarded with. What you get each time you fill up your experience gauge is a skill point that you can then use in the library. There are a lot of passive skills that you can improve on such as ones that improve the hit points of the tower, improve the hit points of your summoned soldiers, improve the cool down duration of a skill, etc.

Towerlands Basics

You’ll also find the Training Field inside the city where you can unlock/increase the cap limit of upgrades in your units. You also get to access the Forge where you can craft different accessories (weapon, helm, armor, etc) for your statue, which itself is another section in the city which gives you additional passive boosts when you accessorize it with the different artifacts that you craft in the forge. Aside from that, it is also here where you’ll find the idle farming section of the game, the mine and the storage. Lastly, you also have your Storage and Mine that allows you to gather gold in the game even if you are not playing.

Kingdom (Map)

When you click the “map” option from your main hub, you’ll be able to view the outside skirts of your city, or see a view of the “Kingdom”. Here you’ll see multiple points of interests that you can (and your tower) can attack. There are different kinds of installations that you can attack outside your city limits -- one that can be converted into castles that will generate additional Gold for you every set duration.

Towerlands Basics

Other than that, you can also attack the Islands at the top of the map, or the caravans (randomly appearing across the map), both of which rewards you with the different artifact resource materials in the game.

Quick Tip:

The image above explains what these numbers are for. You have to pay attention to these numbers before you try and take other castles or installations in the kingdom. To increase these numbers, you'll simply have to upgrade the level of your tower (paying gold or sometimes the option to pay in gems), and the other one by simply defeating the enemy waves. As you defeat an enemy wave in the campaign section of the game, this value increases as well (acts as an indicator of the number of waves you've currently defeated).

Before challenging any installations outside your kingdom (in the map), be sure to check if you are within the level range that is suited for the challenge. You do have the option to pursue the battle nonetheless, but you will have a very slim chance to actually defeat it. Still, you will gain relative experience and even gold (by watching ads after).

The same method is done to show you the level of the caravans that randomly appear for you to attack (and earn the different artifact crafting materials).

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