Tower Parts and Upgrades

Tower Parts and Upgrades
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Upgrading Your Tower

You might have figured how to upgrade your tower through the tutorial phase of the game, but as you get a hint of how to actually play and progress in the game, you'll figure that it might not be as easy as it sounds. For one thing, getting the resources to fund your growth (upgrade) is very hard. What follows then is having to pick which heroes to enlist in the slots of the tower, and from there, figuring out if they really do are worth upgrading.

Tower Parts and Upgrades

Apart from that, you might also want to know that upgrading the tower does not necessarily mean that you’ll be given extra slots for other units. Each time you purchase an upgrade, it basically improves the hit points of your tower. Extra slots are only opened every after 10 upgrades in your tower (eg. level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50…). Additionally, what is given to you isn’t always a slot for extra units. Sometimes, you’ll be given an extra slot for modules instead, or sometimes for the ones for your turrets.

Tower Parts

Your tower actually has 3 different parts. First you have the slots where you can put your enlisted units (heroes) in. When you start the game, you’ll be limited to 2 slots (after the tutorial phase). It is only after upgrading to 10 levels where you get an additional slot for another unit -- which is not hard to do during the first few minutes of the game.

Tower Parts and Upgrades

After unlocking a third slot, you’ll then be introduced to some additional modules for your tower (first is the bottom module). The last other part isn’t actually residing within the tower and are called turrets. Turrets give you additional support that ranges from improving your mages’ skills, additional archers, to stand-by looters (for additional gold from slain enemies).

Unit Slots - is where you can put your units to help on handling the enemy waves. Different units in the game have different skills. Some units attack enemies automatically, some render some additional passive buff, but most of them need some sort of user input - which is actually where you get to strategize in the game.

Tower Parts and Upgrades

During the initial 30 or so levels (or waves) of the game this wouldn’t be as obvious, but as you get towards the latter levels in the game, it becomes more and more difficult to defeat the waves without proper timing of your units’ skills. An extra unit slot is awarded every after 10 upgrades on your tower, but this is not guaranteed. Sometimes you’ll be given an extra slot for a new module on the tower, or sometimes an extra slot for your turrets.

Modules - modules are some sort of accessories for your actual tower. You have three different modules in the game. First you’ll have access to the top module where your group of archers are installed. Then you’ll have access to the bottom module where you’ll get to purchase the “Retractable Pins”, as some sort of last line of defense for your tower -- that attacks the enemies while you are waiting for units to summon (cool down duration).

Tower Parts and Upgrades

However while the enemies are within reach of the actual tower, you will still suffer from hits until you get to actually summon units that will repel them. You’ll also have access to center modules later on in the game, which range from flame throwers to magical beams and what not. These are additional attack accessories for your tower much like that of the archers on top of your tower (which you’d probably stick into) that can attack both flying enemies, or those marching in the ground.

Tower Parts and Upgrades

Turrets - are actually the additional standing structures apart from your tower which will be introduced to you late in the game (around wave 80 or so) that are actually away from your tower. You’ll get access to them somewhere late in the game. Turrets can only be used in the campaign section of the game and are not included in the different kingdom battles. Although they still are very valuable when it comes to defending your city as well as strengthening (improving) your summoned creatures as well as your archers.

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