Towerlands Best Build?

Towerlands Best Build?
Towerlands Guide

Finding the right combination of units in the game can quite be tedious and would most likely set you back some time gathering resources to fund the necessary upgrades (even more time if you'll find out that the hero you have been upgrading is no good). So we set you up a list of units, module configuration, and even our choice for the tower skin -- that makes up our best build to help you beat those enemy waves coming at you.

Organizing them per floor makes it much easier to cast them in order.
Organizing them per floor makes it much easier to cast them in order.

Tank Characters

Tank units are ones that directly confront the enemy waves and generally barricade their procession until your damage dealers get to trim their numbers. They usually have high HP but it does not really matter because they usually have a time limit anyway. We opted for 3 tanks in our build, with one of them dealing a hefty damage at the enemies at the same time.

1. Old Paladin - summons one Paladin
- at level 50 it has 600+ damage, 1300+ health

This unit is very hard to put down aside for those chances that the summoned paladin is directly confronting an enemy boss. Usually, it only disappears from battle because of the limit of the summon duration. Nonetheless, as long as you have supporting units like the ice mage to control the phase of the wave, summoning another Paladin to get back in the front lines wouldn't be a problem.The only thing it couldn't handle are flying enemies and the push of centaurs (which no other unit in the game can break anyway).

2. Druid - summons one Forest Demon
- at level 50 it has 200+ damage, 1800+ health

The Forest Demon that the druid summons probably has the highest HP among all units/creatures in the game. It can even handle tanking a boss by itself. However, that is the only thing that it is good for as it does really poor when it comes to damage. Still, it is indispensable when it comes to battle as it can really take a beating. The only thing it couldn't handle are flying enemies and the push of centaurs (which no other unit in the game can break anyway).

3. Valkyrie - summons three Valkyrie Sisters
- at level 50 it has 200+ damage, 600+ health, teleport to target

When the going gets tough, two heavy tanks would sometimes be overwhelmed by the volume of enemies. Not because they'll die from the attacks (and running out of HP), but because of the time limit that is imposed on the summoned units. There are other good units to use for this job at the beginning of the game while you still do not have the Valkyrie. For instance, you can use the Spearman (2 units per summon) for their skill of pushing back enemies. However, do note that the Spearman do not have much HP to sustain tanking for a long time. The other good thing about the Valkyrie is that they instantly teleport to their target (from your tower) -- meaning they can instantly confront enemies without any delay unlike that of your other tanks. They can also deal with flying enemies because they fly as well -- which will become bothersome at the latter levels of the game.

Mage Units (damage dealers and support)

Mages in the game have 2 basic functions; damage and support. But in all honesty, we do use them mostly for their support purpose which is to control the flow of the wave (slowing down the enemies). As you would notice from tackling wave after wave of enemies, the difficulty comes not from the enemy units themselves, but their combination (pawns, line breakers, flying, bosses, and tanks) and number. That is why we placed 3 mages in our build, 2 of which are dedicated in slowing down the enemies and controlling their pace. The other one shouldn't necessarily be mage, however, Zeus' ability to attack multiple targets at a time is just too good to pass.

4. Zeus - actively attacks multiple targets
- 6 targets at level 50+, which is 200+ damage (each) on that level

You'll get you hands on Zeus early in the game (around level 30). However, he really isn't that useful until you've upgraded him past level 49 -- which gives him the ability to send multiple lightning at a time. Until you've unlocked this ability, there really isn't much use of him in your roster. You may want to increase the effectiveness of your mages using a prophet (doubles their normal attack), or a veteran (increases the chance of a critical hit, and critical hit damage).

5. Ice Mage - casts ice storm to an area
- slows down the enemy passing through that area.

You will get the ice mage really early in the game (after the earth an air mage). The main purpose of the ice mage is to slow down the pace of the wave and nothing more. It does give additional damage but it is not that significant. Nonetheless, the Ice Mage is probably the most important unit in your roster -- which is why we've nominated this unit to be the Best Unit in Towerlands. The fact is, you'll never get to play harder levels without the ice mage's help (you might be able to, but its just way too hard than with him around).

6. Earth Mage - casts an earthquake
- area effect which stuns the affected enemy for 5 seconds.

Until you get your hands on Tindun (the Ice Mage), you'll settle for the Earth mage to control the pace of the enemies. However, he isn't as effective as the icemage because the spell that he'll cast will only affect those ones that are exactly on his cast area at that specific time he throws it. Unlike the ice storm that goes one for 8 seconds that slows down everything that passes there. However, when you get the Earth mage to level 50, he'll produce a lot of additional damage to his earthquake magic (on top of the stun effect) which is really useful too.

Other Support Units

7. Elf - archer (effective against flying enemies)
- increases both speed and damage of archers for 5 seconds. Very effective on campaign.

You might not be impressed with the Elf's attack stats, but his buff is the real deal when you have other archer units in the roster, or similarly if you have archers for your top module and turrets. The buff compounds too if you use the turrets that boost the damage of archers. Archers are very good in dealing with flying units. Their only difficulty is when you'll encounter flying boss battles -- where you wouldn't have your turrets to help you. During the times you don't need the Elf (battles on the map), you can easily substitute it to either additional tank, or mage that can provide you with additional damage.

8(a). Veteran - support unit
- improves your experience by 50%, and improves critical hit chance and damage at level 50

Using the veteran early in the game will benefit you greatly in terms of unlocking your skills. The faster you unlock your skills, the faster you progress in the game with amazing additional buffs. Hence, the need for the veteran in the group. If you reach the point where you don't have any use for him or the chances where you couldn't defeat a wave for some reason, you can open up his position and easily substitute him someone else.

8(b). Worker - support unit
- heals the hit points of your tower by 20% (skill)

There are occasions where you'd try and figure out if you can defeat castles that are 20-50 levels above your own level -- which is not a bad thing. During these times, you'll most probably give up on the veteran and use the worker unit instead to give you some leeway when the enemy units gets past your tanks and de-buffs. The worker's skill isn't automatic and you should still cast is just like that of mages. Having access to that healing capacity is a real life saver.

8(c). Prophet - support unit
- improves the effectiveness of mages in the tower

If your assortment of units are comprised mostly of mages, this particular unit is your best friend. It will improve the effectiveness of all your mages in the group.

Modules for Campaign

Top (Archers) - will benefit from the buff of the Elf and your Turret (archer damage boost).
Center (Magical Beam, Flame thrower) - can attack multiple targets and are capable of attacking both ground and flying units.
Bottom (Shield) - toughens your tower with increased hit points (depending on level).

Modules for Castle Siege

Top Module: Trebuchet (+500% damage increase to castles/buildings)
Center module: Cannon (+150% damage increase to castles/buildings)
Bottom (Shield) - toughens your tower with increased hit points (depending on level).

Tower Skin

When you reach Level 100, you'll be given a free skin by the game. You'll have 3 choices to pick from and from these selection (given your level), you'll probably benefit most picking the the Knight's Tower skin (which will increase your summoned units damage by 15%, and their health by 25%). If you're all about Castle Battles, the Royal Fortress is also a good option (which will boost your damage to buildings by 25%, and reduce damage to your tower by 5%).

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