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Version: 1.5.1 | Users Interact, In-Game Purchase

Towerlands is an captivating game that mixes the genre of the tower defense (TD) with strategy mechanics and role playing (RPG) elements. Choose your strategy of tower defend!

Build a city to upgrade and equip your army with the best weapons. Grow your tower to defend your castle from attacks by bandits, Orcs and the undead. Hire and train new units to raise the most powerful army in the world rating. Choose your strategy, conquer enemy castles and earn more gold. Become a Towerlands hero of war in and try to upgrade all heroes like warriors, wizards, archers and so many other defenders!

Create or join a clan to play with friends. You can exchange resources with players and fight against other clans for gold and resources.
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Neat little game to play. Bought one month of pro and likewise it could use a little extra to make it more attractive going into the later waves because having the manually collect your gold each time is kind of... bleh.
4.0 / 5.0

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