Kingdom Battles in Towerlands

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands
Towerlands Guide

To get to the kingdom view, simply pick the “Map” option while you are in the main hub. The kingdom view will offer you an additional venue to battle and bring your attack tower with you. However, take note that you wouldn’t be able to bring the turrets with you. That said, you should also be mindful of your setup of units and modules within the tower (and sometimes artifacts too). If for instance you are attacking a castle, you might want to check on your top module and pick the catapult (in exchange for the archers) to increase your damage to castles. Depending on what you are attacking too, enlisting the proper combination of units will make a huge difference when fighting the enemy waves.

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands

The kingdom is a good alternative to earn gold and experience especially if you are stuck in a wave level in the campaign. Additionally, it is through the kingdom that you can generate gold continuously -- from the castles that you’ve conquered. The more outposts/installations you conquer in the kingdom, the more gold you can farm every after a few minutes. If you tend to play longer than your idle hours, you’ll be able to earn more from farming on your conquered castles than your mine.

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands

Conquering Castles - you can conquer other castles or monster installations outside your city when you pick the “Map” option on your main hub. When you are in the kingdom view, you’ll be able to see the different points of interests that you can attack. The castles differ in appearance depending on the race of enemies that you are trying to conquer. There are three kinds of enemies in the game, bandits, undead, and orcs. Their castles will look something like the image above. Take note that castle battles have somewhat a different arrangement than the regular tower defense battles. During a siege, you’ll have to make sure you damage the defense gate of the castle that you are attacking -- much like that you produce the wave of enemies attacking their own fortress. Hence, you might want to re-configure your tower setup when conquering castles like changing the modules, changing the line-up of units, etc.

Quick tip:

- Like the “Storage” in your city, you can also upgrade your castles so that they can produce more gold/increase the amount of gold that you can collect from it each time. Alternatively, you can use the “watch ad” to upgrade them instead of paying gold.

- When you’ve reached level 100 in the game, you’ll have access to the tower skins that give you some passive buff. You might want to pick the “Royal Fortress” skin which will give you 25% increase damage to buildings (plus 5% reduce damage to your tower).

- Use the “Trebuchet” (bought for only 100k Gold) for the top module instead of the Archers which increases your damage to castles by 500%

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands

- Use the Cannon (bought for 75 gems) as one of the center modules. It will increase your damage to castles by 150%

- Enlist more units that “summon” creatures to both pacify the retaliating wave of enemies, and attack the gates of their fortress as well (Our best picks are the Old Paladin, Valkyrie, and Druid).

Caravan Loot Battles - caravan loot battles are similar to your campaign battles. The only difference is that you are rewarded with craft materials on top of the gold and experience if you successfully win the battles. They randomly appear in the kingdom so it is worth checking them every now and then. You can also check whether you can beat one by clicking on it and seeing the suggested tower level as seen on the image below. The enemies of the wave within the caravan loot battle also depends where the caravan spawns. If for instance it spawns within the orc territory, you’ll then know that you will be battling with orcs (and probably prepare a strategy based on this knowledge).

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands

Exploration Battles - the 4 islands on top of the kingdom are also a good source of craft materials. However, each time that you beat an island, the level of difficulty increases by 20s - 50s. Nonetheless, they provide the greatest volume of craft materials (especially those that are indicated as “hot” ones) as well as a random chance to earn some rare artifacts when you beat their challenges.

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands

Boss Battles - are randomly appearing points of interest in the game where you can battle outrageously strong boss monsters (on top of the regular waves). These challenges are very difficult to beat, but they usually offer a huge volume of gold, plus rewards you with a special unit or a random tower skin (for those level 100+) to boot.

Kingdom Battles in Towerlands
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