Orbita AI

How to play Orbita AI

How to play Orbita AI
Orbita AI Guide

The basic premise of Orbita AI is that you are asked to solve a series of puzzles but without needing to touch the screen of your device. You can of course touch the screen but this is just to navigate your way between the puzzles.

You will initially be presented with a map to help you select the puzzles. Each puzzle will have one of more 'lights' on the map that you need to light up by performing the various tasks.

How do I solve the puzzles?

Selecting a puzzle on the map will take you to that puzzles screen which will present a display which will give you a hint to solving it. Although not always and clear hint. Each puzzle section is dedicated to an aspect of the devices settings / abilities or sensors. For example the accelerometers that determine the devices rotation. It is changes that you make to the devices itself, such as how you hold it) that will complete the task.

In game help.

If you are stuck there is the option of in game hints to give you clues to the solutions. These are bought for coins that you acquire during the game. And more can be bought for real money if you need them.

What can your phone do?

The solutions to the brain teasers may stretch your knowledge of what your device can do. When looking for answers consider everything its capable of and the changes that can be made. things to consider are: sound / volume, screen brightness, position, rotation, vibration, wifi, bluetooth, the camera and the microphone.

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