Orbita AI

Orbita AI Introduction and Levels Guide

Orbita AI Introduction and Levels Guide
Orbita AI Guide

Currently Orbita AI has 24 levels comprising a total of 40 tasks to complete (some levels have more than 1 task).

Although the tasks are not set in a particular order there are some that you need to do to unlock others and a few that are hidden and need to discovered.

We will break them down into a few section to make it easier to work through them.

Game Introduction

First the game gives us a quick introduction to let us know what we are in for. You will be introduced to Orbita the AI running the game and given a quick tutorial task to turn on the first light.

You will see a screen with many floating dots on it and told to merge them together.
Solution: To do this you simply shake the device. the dots will move together and the level will end. Tap the screen to move on to the map.

Puzzle Map

The map is just a layout of the various puzzles in the game and shows you which ones are available to attempt. Initially you will have 3 main puzzles unlocked.

Puzzle map
Puzzle map

Read on in the next page for the solutions to these puzzles.

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