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2 Yellow circles

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This puzzle has the 2 yellow lights to active and in the center a shape that may appear as something between a circle and a crescent.
2 Yellow circles

Solution: The center shape represents the current phase of the moon. To activate the lights you need to visit this puzzle when the real current moon phase it 'Full' and also when it is a crescent shape to the right at approximately a quarter full (see image below). You can either wait for the appropriate days to visit the puzzle or you can adjust the phones date manually to set it to a date when the moon will be in that phase. Moving it back and forward by a day at a time should sort this for you or check out a moon phase calendar online to find the right days immediately.

Full Moon
example date: 30th Jan 2018
2 Yellow circles

Crescent Moon
example date: 19th Jan 2018
2 Yellow circles

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