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Yellow Puzzles
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Yellow Puzzles

There are 2 puzzles on the final branch beginning with the 2 Yellow circles.

Yellow Puzzles

There are 2 yellow puzzles on this branch and you must complete the first one to unlock the second.
The fist puzzle has 2 lights to activate.

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Solution: This puzzle relates to the screen brightness on the device. To activate the 2 lights you should first open your device settings and turn the brightness all the way down to minimum. Return to the game screen to activate a light. Then back to the settings and turn the brightness all the way up to max. And back to the game screen.
IMPORTANT: If your device has an auto brightness setting then you will need to disable this as it will adjust the brightness for you even when you try to set it manually. Turn this off while you do these tasks.

The second yellow puzzle has a single light to activate.
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Solution: The screen shows a line at the bottom with a dark circle on it and a yellow circle. the yellow one represents the brightness level on your device currently. You need to adjust the screen brightness to move the yellow circle behind the dark one. Again you should keep any 'auto-brightness' setting off for this.
Once you have set the correct brightness and returned to the game screen you will see and larger yellow circle on the screen. this needs to be positioned over the center circle by moving and orienting the device as in the first blue puzzle. Once this is done the puzzle is complete.

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