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Blue Circle (6 lights)
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Blue Circle (6 lights)

First we will look at the blue puzzle. This puzzle has 6 lights to activate.

Solution: This puzzle uses the movement / rotation sensors in your phone. Twisting the phone around from flat to upside down and in different directions will cause both dark and light circles and a dark/ light line to move across the screen. Liming thes up in the correct ways will trigger each light to turn on.

Center lights - Circles: With the phone held roughly flat there should be 2 dark circles on the screen. Moving the device carefully should allow the 2 circles to overlap. When they overlap enough one of the center lights will turn on. Now turn the phone upside down (hold it above your head and look up) and you will see 2 light circles. Overlap these in the same way to illuminate the other center light.

Outer lights - Line: The 4 outer lights are activated by again orienting the phone to get a line on the screen. Hold the phone vertically (portrait) in front of you to get the line across the center. moving the phone slightly until the line is across the center of the screen will activate one light. Turn the phone upside down in your hand (portrait) and repeat to activate the opposite light. Then on its side (landscape) and again upside down (landscape)

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