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2 Pink Circles - Top Right - Numbers
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2 Pink Circles - Top Right - Numbers

The screen for this puzzle initially shows the following number as shown below: +120398129386
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Solution: To solve this first stage of the puzzle you need to create a new contact in your phone. Go to your contact and set up a new one called 'Orbita' (the name is not important though). Add the number shown on the screen and save it. Then return to the puzzle. This first stage will activate and the screen will change to show a new number as below: -120368126389
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To solve this one you need to go back your contacts and again set it up with the new number instead of the old one. Save it and return to the puzzle. However now that you have opened the puzzle return to the contact list and delete the Orbita contact so that it is no longer there. Retrun finally to the puzzle and this should complete the puzzle.

We do not have verification that this second stage works yet so please report below if this worked for you. Or if you had to do anything else.

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