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Orbita AI is a puzzle game available on Android and iOS that stretches the concept to a new extreme. The puzzles new need to solve here are ones set by the titular AI inhabiting your device and require you use the device itself to complete the tasks.

Your phones sensors, tools and settings will need to be managed to move you through the levels and keep Orbita happy.

This guide covers all the known levels at this time. It is important to note that not all devices will be able to complete all levels as some are dependant on the features of your device and settings that you can manage. Most modern cell phones with 2 cameras should be able to finish them all though.

This game is a test of your ingenuity and lateral thinking and as such we would encourage you to try to solve the puzzles yourself. If you need help though, then the puzzles are presented here individually to allow you to find solutions to each without spoiling the others.

Game Update: Latest update has added a new section to the lower right branch. The guide is being updated to cover these puzzles. See the Lower Right Branch - New Puzzles section.


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