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Hidden Puzzle - Dark Pink
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Hidden Puzzle - Dark Pink


Lower right branch (dark pink)

Unlock: This circle is unlocked by swiping away from the map (swipe down and left to move to the top right) until you get a prompt asking where you are going. Do this 2 more times with a prompt appearing each time until you get this prompt message.
Hidden Puzzle - Dark Pink

The circle will then appear. The puzzle screen will show a pink circle with a faint diamond shape behind it.
Hidden Puzzle - Dark Pink

Solution: The game comes with a widget for your device which if you are not aware of these is an additional icon that can be placed on any home screen to start the game. While leaving the game on this screen switch back to the home screen, one with some space on it then open the menu for widgets. Try touch holding the screen where there are no existing icons.
When you find the widget for Orbita AI, click to add it to the screen.

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