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2 Red Circles
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2 Red Circles

The screen for this puzzle shows the 2 red lights with 2 rings fo 13 small red dots. Some of these dots may be highlighted in yellow.
2 Red Circles

Solution: Each of the small red dots represents an hour of the day. 12 on the outside ring for AM and 12 on the inside ring for PM. Opening this puzzle page will highlight the dot on the current hour. For example if the hour is 2 PM (anytime from 2:00 to 2:59 pm) on the device then the second inside ring dot will activate. Once you have visited this puzzle on each foth e 24 different hours of the day the puzzle will complete.
The quickest way to do this of course is to change the time on your device by an hour for each, which means doing it 24 times.

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