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Saitama System

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The Saitama system is one of the many features in the game that allows you to collect resources and boost the combat power of your entire party by completing Saitama-centric quests, unlocking Talents for your team, Investigation, and more. In our Saitama System Guide, we will discuss the various features of this system and how you can take advantage of it.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is the mobile game adaptation of the popular shonen manga and anime series that centers around the titular One Punch Man. Players can’t play as Saitama himself but they’ll be able to recruit various heroes, villains, and more to form a powerful team they can use to clear the various game content.

Saitama System

Saitama Memory

Saitama’s Memories consists of 45 memory snapshots that represent key moments in the show. Each snapshot has 16 grids or Shards, which can be activated or unlocked by using 200 Saitama Coins. Saitama Coins are earned from completing Saitama Quests or Investigations. You can also claim extra coins after unlocking 5 and 10 unique grids.
Saitama System

Grids get unlocked randomly so it’s possible to get several copies of the same grid before you can complete the entire snapshot. Activating all grids for the snapshot will activate the snapshot’s indicated buff effect, applicable to all characters in your roster or from the same type/class. Additionally, if you’re a member of a Club, you can put a request for specific Shards in your club so if there are any club members with extra copies of that Shard, they can give it to you. You can also do the same by trading off your extra Shards since they don’t have any extra uses anyway.

Saitama Quests

These are a set of quests that can be accepted and completed daily. There are six listed quests that you can refresh and complete up to 10 times. That means if you have accepted all quests and completed them, you can refresh and accept four more. These refresh and accept limits will be refreshed as part of the game’s daily content reset.
If you have completed four specific daily regimens (Push-up, Sit-up, Squat, Run), you’ll be able to claim bonus daily chest rewards. Saitama Quests award Saitama Coins and Talent Points. The former can be used to unlock memory shards (as described above) while the latter can be used to upgrade Saitama’s talents.
Saitama System
Saitama System


The Talent screen allows you to use Talent Points earned from Saitama Quests to unlock new functions/features within this mode, new talents, and upgrade existing ones. Upgradeable talent nodes can be upgraded up to LV15 and the amount of talent points needed per upgrade level will increase as well. As you increase the nodes’ levels, the next talent tier will become unlocked and available for upgrade. The same thing will apply to the next following tiers; for example, to unlock the Master tier, you must have at least 48 heroic talent points purchased.
Saitama System


In this mode, you can have Saitama automatically make the patrol runs and collect various rewards for you. Each investigation attempt will require Intel; additionally, you can select x10 reward multiplier (that will also use up x10 Intel) to speed things up for you.
Saitama System

While investigating, you’ll also collect three types of Keys that can be used to open the Mystery Vault. Take note that you need to have at least one type of each key to unlock the vault and loot the contents inside. Another alternative of accessing the vault is by using a Master Key.
Saitama System

Saitama Skills

At the moment, there’s only one option available, with other types of punches to be released in the future. Right, Saitama has access to the “Normal Punches” skill that allows him to jump in in the middle of the fight and instantly defeat a random target during standard battles. The best thing about this assist skill is that it doesn’t matter what target he punches; he can KO any target including bosses.
Saitama System

Saitama Costumes

This option allows you to change Saitama’s getup. So far, there are only three other costumes available for the main hero as follows: Winter Story, Elegant Suit, Saitama (3 years ago). As you can see, there is a lot of stuff to do so including this in your daily playtime regimen is a great idea in getting the most out of this helpful feature.
Saitama System

That concludes our Saitama System Guide in One Punch Man - The Strongest. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more One Punch Man - The Strongest content!

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