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Quests are common features of any game with some sort of progression. Quests give players objectives to follow and complete, while giving them valuable rewards. Some quests are one-time affairs only while others are repeatable. In our Quest guide, we will discuss how the game’s Quest system works and how you can take advantage of it.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is the mobile game adaptation of the popular shonen manga and anime series that centers around the titular One Punch Man. Players can’t play as Saitama himself but they’ll be able to recruit various heroes, villains, and more to form a powerful team they can use to clear the various game content.

In OPM-TS, we have different quest categories. To make it simpler, we will just group these quests into two major types: Regular Quests and Limited Quests. To put it simply, Regular Quests are permanent features of the game while Limited Quests are those with time periods usually tied to timed events. We will tackle the Regular Quests in detail but we will also mention some limited quests.

Regular quests have five categories: Daily, Main, Story, SubQuests, and Growth. Among the five, you’ll be dealing with the Daily Quests most of the time since it involves tasks that get reset daily as part of the game’s scheduled content reset.

There are also times where several quests have similar or interconnecting objectives. In that case, simply completing a couple of tasks can complete a series of other quests, especially the Limited or Event ones. Always check out your notifications or check the icons with the little red dot on them, indicating that there’s an available reward to be collected or claimed.
Quest Guide

Daily Quests

When doing daily quests, you’ll earn EXP and a small amount of coins for completing individual tasks. On top of that, you’ll also earn Activity Points. As you collect more activity points, you’ll be able to collect additional rewards when you reach the threshold. You can claim bonus rewards for every 25 activity points collected, up to 100 points maximum per day. Similar to the list of available quests, the bonus rewards for your activity points is also refreshed daily. You only need 100 activity points to get all bonus daily rewards and you have acces tp more than enough daily quests to meet this.
Quest Guide

Daily Activity Rewards
Activity Points
Vitality x15
Gems x40
Elite Voucher x1
Gems x80

Daily Quests List
The tasks here are listed in no particular order. Some tasks will only become available after unlocking the corresponding feature through normal game progression.
Club Quest
Complete 3 Club Quests
EXP+30, Coins x500, Activity+5
Extreme Training
Complete Extreme Training x1
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Monster Tournament
Fight in the Monster Tournament x1
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Challenge Institute of Genetics
Complete Institute of Genetics x1
EXP+100, Coins x500, Activity+5
Hero Tournament
Participate in the Hero Tournament x1
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Club Exploration
Complete Club Exploration x1
EXP+30, Coins x500, Activity+5
Coin Exchange
Exchange Coins x1
EXP+30, Coins x500, Activity+5
Saitama Investigation
Complete 1 Saitama Investigation
EXP+45, Coins x500, Activity+5
Boss Challenge
Complete Boss Challenges x3
EXP+120, Coins x500, Activity+5
Heroic Stage
Complete Heroic Stages x6
EXP+120, Coins x500, Activity+5
Vitality Consumption
Consume 30 Vitality
EXP+30, Battle Chip x3, Coins x500, Activity+5
Coin Challenge
Complete 1 Coin Challenge
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Home Request
Complete Home Request x1
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Gear Enhancement
Enhance any gear x3
EXP+30, Coins x500, Activity+5
Normal Stage
Complete normal stages x12
EXP+120, Coins x500, Activity+5
EXP Challenge
Complete 1 EXP challenge
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Character Level Up
Use EXP Drinks 3x
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Character Evolution
Evolve any character x1
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Stamina Replenishment
Replenish Stamina 1x
EXP+30, Coins x500, Activity+5
Partner Recruitment
Undertake recruitment x1
EXP+15, Coins x500, Activity+5
Skill Enhancement
Level up any character skills x3
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Memory Shard
Draw Saitama memory shards x1
Battle Chip x3, Coins x500, Activity+5
Saitama Quest
Accept 1 Saitama Quest
EXP+45, Coins x500, Activity+5
Association Arena
Challenge Arena x3
EXP+100, Coins x500, Activity+5
Training Challenge
Complete Training Challenge x1
EXP+80, Coins x500, Activity+5
Open Supply
Replenish x1
Coins x5000, Activity+5

Main Quest

This section will just display your current progress in the main story. However, the reward is tied to the Story quest tab. If you press the “Go” button, it will take you to the Story Quest tab and the window to start the exact quest.


This tab contains the various story chapters. From here, you can view the rewards waiting for you once you complete the story quest, and even replay the previously-completed story chapters sans the reward.
Quest Guide


In this tab, you’ll see the specified quest and a preview of the rewards you’ll get for completing it. Press the “Go” button to directly go to the screen where you can perform the specified quest.


This keeps track of your milestones and provides one-time rewards. You don’t need to focus on the tasks here that much since most of them can be achieved by playing regularly and progressing through the game. Similar to the other tabs in this screen, tap “Go” to be taken directly to the screen or mode where you can do the quest objective.
Quest Guide

That concludes our Quest Guide in One Punch Man - The Strongest. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more One Punch Man - The Strongest content!

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