One Punch Man - The Strongest

One Punch Man - The Strongest Tier List

Oct 9th 2022

In our One Punch Man - The Strongest Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.

One Punch Man - The Strongest Tier List
One Punch Man - The Strongest Tier List


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


One Punch Man – The Strongest is a gacha game, which will include regularly recruiting for characters to build your team. And team-building in the game (or probably applicable to other gacha / hero-collecting game) normally follows two agendas: building a team based on personal taste and/or theme (e.g. all-female only, belonging to one faction, one element, etc) or building a team for dominating the game in various PvP and/or PvE modes.

If you’re the latter, you’re practically required to have the most powerful characters in your team in order to dominate in One Punch Man – The Strongest. The game has over 120 heroes to choose from, with varying grades and from different factions. This can be a bit daunting for newcomers, but gacha veterans are still in for the ride.

Most of the high-tier characters in the game are SSR or SSR+ characters (highest grade), and their appearance rates in limited and permanent banners are astronomically low. If you’re an F2P (free-to-play), expect to play daily for a LONG time before you can complete your dream team - that’s even if you’re relatively lucky with your pulls. For spending players, the chances are a bit better since they’ll have more recruitment attempts though at the end of the day, all players are at the mercy of the gacha gods. One popular method of attempting to get valuable characters without spending any money is Rerolling. We have a dedicated page for that so please check it out.

Tier List Overview

One Punch Man - The Strongest

SS - Child Emperor, Carnage Kabuto

S - Terrible Tornado, Deep Sea King, Atomic Samurai,

A - Amai Mask, Golden Ball, Mosquito Girl, Tank Top Master, Subterranean King, Superalloy Blackluster

Important : If you view the game’s Album, there are a LOT of other SSR characters like Boros, Metal Bat, Metal knight, Silver Fang, etc that are still not available in the game. This tier list only focuses on the available roster at this time of writing. This tier list needs to be updated once new characters are added or if there are any major changes to skill sets or values.

As far as our tier list goes, you’ll notice that most top-tier characters are SSR since they’re more powerful than the SR characters by default. You have the freedom to use SR (or low tier SSR) early on as placeholders, until you’re able to recruit better SSR units. We will also only provide extensive details about SS-tier, S-tier and A-tier characters. As we always remind players, tier lists are not definite rules dictating how overpowered or useless a hero can be. Remember, this is your game, your experience! So if you still want to use and invest in low-tier characters, then by all means, do it! It all boils down to player preference and of course the availability of characters. Use this tier list as a guide, as it is intended to be.

About Core Skills

Some select characters have Core skills. These are skills that provide team-wide buffs when you meet the lineup requirements. You just need to include the specified hero types in your lineup to activate the Core skills. Your hero’s type is also taken into consideration so for example, a core line-up requires 1 Duelist, 1 Grappler, 1 Hi-tech and you’re already using a Duelist, this means you just need to include a Grappler and a Hi-tech character to activate that core skill.

Core Skills have two effects: Basic and Advanced. Thankfully, the Advanced effect can be activated by having the same line-up as the Basic plus an extra character type or two. Using the same example above, the Advanced effect may require 1 Duelist, 1 Grappler, 1 Hi-tech, and 1 Esper. So this means you just need to add an Esper to your line up to activate both the Basic and Advanced effects. You can also have up to six party members at a time so it’s quite easy to activate both core effects while having some wiggle room with other classes.

SS Tier

Child Emperor

Hi-Tech, Hero

Role: Row Attacker. Single-target Stun, Hi-Tech Core

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Child Emperor is one of the few characters that has a Core skill. (Please see the description of Core skill above) Child Emperor’s Core skill is called Prodigy; the Basic effect enables his team to get 2 energy whenever allies deal a CRIT hit while its Advanced effect increases the ULT DMG of allies in Round 1. His ultimate not only heavily damages an entire row but there’s a chance for the main target to get stunned for 1 round. Stunned opponents cannot act for the duration of the turn, which can be detrimental especially if they’re about to use their own ult. Not only that, the same ult can also inflict Shatter to the target if Child Emperor deals critical damage. Shatter increases the damage received by the target by 30%.

Carnage Kabuto

Grappler, Monster

Role: Damage reflection, Super Tank

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Carnage Kabuto’s role description pretty much sums up his skill set. His passive Armor Kabuto reflects 20% of the damage dealt to him to the entire enemy team. His burst Kabuto Knuckle strikes the single target twice and heals himself based on 20% of his HP. There’s also a chance to inflict Injury on the target, which will make the target take Injury damage for two turns. This damage reflect, self-heal, good ult damage multiplier, and ability to inflict DoT (damage-over-time) to a surviving target makes this character a really solid unit to have.

S Tier

Terrible Tornado

Esper, Hero

Role: Severe team damage. Extreme Burst

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Terrible Tornado is the top-tier AoE DPS in the current roster so far. Her ult “Psychic Shock” gets an automatic 20% CRIT boost upon activation and damages all enemies with a chance to inflict [Injury] on the main target and two nearby allies for two rounds. Enemies with the Injury status will receive extra damage when attacked. Furthermore, her passive increases her CRIT DMG by 30% for every Injured enemy, stackable up to three times. If you have good energy regeneration to your team and she gets to act first, she’ll be able to take advantage of this passive by injuring enemies from the previous ult, then using another ult on the following turn with the CRIT DMG boost in effect.

Deep Sea King

Grappler, Monster

Role: Continuous Tenacity. Deadly at low HP.

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Deep Sea King is one of the few characters in the game with the Core skill. The basic effect allows all characters in the team to gain 1 energy whenever they block while the advanced effect increases the DMG reflected by 30%. Including characters in the line up that can activate and use these effects is highly recommended.

Deep Sea King enters [Tenacious] state when his HP falls below 50%, as per his passive’s effect. While in this state, he’ll be able to absorb damage worth 10% of his HP, up to three times per round. This is taken advantage of his ult, “Deep Sea Barrage”, that deals damage to a single target three times, and deals extra damage based on 50% of his current missing HP.

Atomic Samurai

Duelist, Hero

Role: AoE Shatter, Strong-follow-up. Core duelist

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Atomic Samurai’s kit is straightforward without too much gimmick. His ult damages all enemies with a chance to inflict [Shatter] on the targets. Enemies with this status receive 30% more damage. Also, his passive allows him to trigger follow-up attacks whenever a Duelist ally attacks, up to three times a round. A great partner for him is Golden Ball, which is also a Duelist that can inflict Guaranteed [Shatter] status to two random enemies and deals increased damage against Shattered enemies.


Amai Mask

Grappler, Hero

Role: Back-row Combo, Strong vs Monsters

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Amai Mask can easily reach top-tier status if his skill sets are universal. However, since that’s not the case, you can still highly consider him as part of your team. For one, he’s a SR with Core skill. The basic effect restores 6 energy for defeating an enemy character. Though this is only triggered once per battle, it can still be decisive, especially if that means several of your allies can use their devastating ults in the same round. Additionally, the advanced core effect applies the Berserk status to your first ally that will take action that round. (Berserk = DMG+30%, SPD +20%)

His passive inflicts a guaranteed Injury status when attacking Monster or Outlaw targets for two turns, with the injury damage equal to half his ATK value. Finally, his ultimate prioritizes a back-row target that lands 2-5 hits with an impressive damage multiplier.

Golden Ball

Duelist, Hero

Role: Team Attacker, Essential to Shatter strategies.

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Golden Ball’s ult damages all enemies and inflicts [Shatter] to up to two enemies at 100% rate. Furthermore, his passive allows him to deal extra damage against enemies with the Shatter status. Golden Ball is not outstanding on his own but he can be a potent enabler for Shatter-based team compositions. A good example is partnering him with Atomic Samurai. The latter’s ult inflicts Shatter and his passive allows him to follow-up attacks whenever Golden Ball (a duelist) attacks.

Mosquito Girl

Esper, Monster

Role: Cross-shaped attacker, Powerful Healer

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Healers in the game are very few so having a unit like Mosquito Girl that acts as a healer with offensive capabilities can be very advantageous in any line-up. Her ultimate deals multi-hit damage in a cross-shaped area while absorbing the last hit’s damage as HP. Her passive allows her to heal an ally with the lowest HP whenever she takes action.

Furthermore, she also has a Core Skill, which is pretty uncommon to SR and SSR units alike. The basic effect restores 1 energy per round and 3 energy at the beginning of the second round. The advanced effect revives a defeated ally with 60% HP on the next round. Even if this is just applicable once per battle, it is still a game-changer since she can sustain the revived ally with her passive.

Tank Top Master

Grappler, Hero

Role: Column attacker. Same-row Tenacity

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Tank Top Master’s passive allows him to deal extra damage based on his Max HP. His normal attack deals single-target damage and reduces the damage he’ll take by 20% for that round. Finally, his ultimate damages an entire column while applying [Tenacity] to himself and allies in the same row. This status allows them to absorb damage based on 20% of their own HP.

Subterranean King

Duelist, Monster

Role: Row burner. Essential to Burn Strategies

One Punch Man - The Strongest

Subterranean King’s gimmick is all about inflicting Burn status to an entire row and triggering follow-up attacks whenever a Burned enemy takes action, up to three times each round. Including other characters that can both inflict and utilize the Burn status will be an ideal line-up with this character.

Superalloy Blackluster

Grappler, Hero

Role: Same Row DMG Free. Damage sharing

One Punch Man - The Strongest

There’s a bit to unpack in describing Superalloy Blackluster’s skill so let’s begin with his normal attack. This deals damage to a single target while applying Tenacity (absorbs damage based on 10% of own HP). His passive grants 40% DMG Free to all allies in the same row for two rounds. The same passive also gives him access to a survivability skill that allows him to survive a fatal damage once per battle while self-healing 30% of his own HP.

Finally, his ultimate deals damage in a cross-shaped area with a guaranteed chance to inflict Injury. At the same time, he’ll share 40% of the damage that will be inflicted to two low-HP allies for two rounds. He’ll also reduce the damage taken by 20%.

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