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Core Power Upgrade Guide

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Core Power Upgrade Guide

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Only certain characters have access to Core Powers, which is a very useful buff that is applied to the whole team the specific character is deployed with. Like the other skill types, there is a way to further enhance Core Powers although the method is somewhat roundabout and time-consuming. In our Core Power Upgrade Guide, we will discuss how to proceed with this process.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is the mobile game adaptation of the popular shonen manga and anime series that centers around the titular One Punch Man. Players can’t play as Saitama himself but they’ll be able to recruit various heroes, villains, and more to form a powerful team they can use to clear the various game content.

First of all, you can only do this from the Laboratory option of your Home (base). This feature is not immediately available but once you have reached the required account level, you can access it from the Home menu.

The Laboratory allows you to improve the Core skills of specific characters. You’ll start off with one slot but more slots can be unlocked once your account level reaches the required level. You can have up to six slots in total. From an empty slot, you can then select the character that you own whose Core Skills you want to improve.
Core Power Upgrade Guide

The power’s name will depend on the character, as listed in the chart below. You can freely swap the characters as you please; however, only the characters currently configured/selected in the slot will have its stat bonuses or skill effects activated.
Core Power
Prodigy Power
Child Emperor
Gene Power
Doctor Genus
Reborn Power
Justice Power
Idol Power
Amai Mask
Deep Sea Power
Deep Sea King
Conspiracy Power
Master Force
Telekinetic Power
Bloodied Power
Mosquito Girl
Brutal Power

Each Core Power has six parts that can be upgraded individually. After upgrading the individual parts to the prerequisite level, you’ll be able to upgrade your main Core Power level. As your core power level increases, new core powers will become accessible for that character. You can unlock three more core powers per character after reaching core power LV4, LV10, and LV17. These core power variations have the same basic effect and almost the same requirements but their Advanced Effects will greatly vary.
Core Power Upgrade Guide

Additionally, stat bonuses from parts need to be configured or selected for them to take effect. The parts are divided into three categories: Chips, Sigils, and Souls. Each power has two of each part category. Parts can be farmed from three sources:
* Home requests (see below)
* Research Materials (gacha for equipment and research items)
* Core Trials (separate game mode)

Each part is unique per character, which makes farming for them a lot harder and daunting. For example, Child Emperor requires Prodigy Chips, Prodigy Sigils, and Prodigy Soul. You can’t use Reborn Chips (for Zombieman) or Idol Soul (Amai Mask) to upgrade Child Emperor’s core power parts.
Core Power Upgrade Guide

That concludes our Core Power Upgrade Guide in One Punch Man - The Strongest. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more One Punch Man - The Strongest content!

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