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The game offers a lot of various modes for you to collect resources from and to continuously improve your heroes - individually or as a group. The Training Center is one of the mid-game features that you’ll unlock along the way. In our Training Center guide, we will discuss the various features of this mode and how it can help improve your overall gameplay experience.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is the mobile game adaptation of the popular shonen manga and anime series that centers around the titular One Punch Man. Players can’t play as Saitama himself but they’ll be able to recruit various heroes, villains, and more to form a powerful team they can use to clear the various game content.

The Training Center is one of the many features or facilities that you can access in the game. You can access it from the far right side of the screen, as shown below - right before the exit to the overworld.

Training Center Guide

Aside from providing another means of earning resources passively, there are also a couple of training modes that will help improve all of your characters’ stats, further improving your party’s overall combat power. We will discuss these modes in their individual sections below.

Training Center Guide


There are four training zones, one for each character type: Grappler, Esper, Duelist, and Hi-Tech. You can earn resources here passively which you can collect by tapping the chest icon in the top-right corner. This chest will contain the resources gathered from each zone. However, this chest can only collect so much; once it is full, the training zones will stop acquiring resources until the chest’s contents are emptied.

Training Center Guide

The amount of resources gathered over time can be improved by battling through the individual zones. Select one of the training zones and you’ll see the current acquisition rate of resources in the top-left corner. In order to increase that hourly rate, you have to clear normal stages and boss stages. As you clear normal stages, you’ll continue through a linear progression. If you manage to clear a boss stage, you’ll earn extra clearance rewards. Keep challenging and clearing new stages as your team goes stronger to have better passive hourly rates! Another thing to note is that your lineup can only have characters of the same type - so if you’re trying to clear a stage within the Grappler training zone, then you can only deploy grappler-type teams.

Training Center Guide

Each zone also has a Quick Challenge option, which allows you to instantly collect 2 hours worth of passive rewards through the help of Saitama. You can use this option for free once daily; if you want to use the option again before the next free chance reset, you’ll have to spend diamonds.

Training Center Guide

Member Training

This mode has two options: Level Training and Skill Training.

Level Training

In this mode, you can select 8 Leader characters and their average level can be applied to low-level characters so they can temporarily match the Leader’s average level. This is very useful if you want to use filler characters that you don’t plan on spending resources on or characters that you just want to fill in a spot for specific lineups to tackle different modes in the game. You can change the leaders anytime by tapping any of the characters in the Member Training screen. You can manually select the leaders or just tap the Quick Select button to automatically select the eight characters with the highest level in your roster.

Training Center Guide

Next, you can choose which character you want to artificially boost the level. As long as the selected character is in the Member slot, that character will retain his/her level. Once you remove the character, they’ll revert back to their original level prior to the artificial level boost. Additionally, the skill level of the character will remain unchanged if the skill level is higher than the training level. Even if the character is artificially boosted by this feature, you can still level up and evolve the character using normal means.

You can have up to nine characters inserted in the Member slots but the other slots are locked; to unlock them, you have to reach the required account level and spend gems. You can also remove members and replace them with a different character. However, the slot that they occupied will have a 24-hour cooldown before you can put the new character in. Alternatively, you can spend gems to remove the cooldown instantly.

Skill Training

In this window, you can spend Skill Training Guide books and coins to level up the three standard skill types: Basic Attack, Ultimate Skill, and Passive Skill. The improvements done on this window is applicable to ALL characters so make sure to check this often and make sure that it’s leveled up to the highest possible value that you can afford. Skill Training Guide books can be obtained from Expeditions and 1 Hour Training Guide consumables.

Training Center Guide

As you level up each skill type, you’ll also be able to upgrade these Skill types, further improving their stats. Tap the Upgrade button in the lower-left corner of the window to see the requirements to upgrade. The main requirement is to have the total level (for all three skill types) reach the required level. So for example, if the required level to upgrade is LV35, you can have a combination of LV15, LV10, LV10 for the Basic, Ultimate, and Passive skills respectively. Completing the upgrade will require coins and Skill Refining Guide books (available only from Expeditions). Like the individual skill types in the previous window, Skill Upgrade values are applicable to ALL your characters as well.

Training Center Guide

Type Training

For this mode, you can further upgrade the individual stats of all characters in your roster under their respective types using Coins, Special Training Slots and Training cards. The former is obtained from any expedition while Training Cards are tied to their type and can only be obtained from their respective expeditions. For example, Grappler Training Cards can only be collected from the Grappler training zone’s Quick Challenge, Expeditions, and from special “1 Hour Cards” (consumable cards that allow you to collect one hour’s worth of expedition rewards)

Training Center Guide

Each Type has five tiers to level up. Whenever you advance a tier, you’ll receive an item called

High-tech Pinnacle. This consumable item can be used to unlock new type-specific skills. In the example below, the selected effect can only be triggered by Duelist-type characters. Continue advancing the tiers of the individual type categories and don’t forget to unlock more Central Hi-tech effects to further improve your character’s combat prowess.

Training Center Guide

That concludes our Training Center Guide in One Punch Man - The Strongest. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more One Punch Man - The Strongest content!

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