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Character growth and continued improvement are key elements of the game. The game offers a lot of different methods of strengthening characters like leveling up, improving skills, equipping proper gear, etc. In our Limit Break guide, we will discuss this other method of boosting character stats.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is the mobile game adaptation of the popular shonen manga and anime series that centers around the titular One Punch Man. Players can’t play as Saitama himself but they’ll be able to recruit various heroes, villains, and more to form a powerful team they can use to clear the various game content.

Limit Breaking characters permanently increases their stats by unlocking “nodes”. Once all nodes are unlocked, the character’s stars will increase as well, further improving their stats, unlock/level up Passive skills, and activate new effects. Characters can have up to 5-stars. The best thing about this feature is that it’s not tied to character level; that means you can easily increase the stars provided that you have enough coins, badges, and shards (for evolving from 2-star to 3-star).

Limit Break Guide

Additionally, the “stars” the character gains count towards the Figurine Target upgrade in your Home’s “Display” option. To put it simply, you can further gain stat boosts for your entire roster by increasing the stars of the individual members of the figurine group. We will cover this in detail on a separate page.

Limit Break Guide

There are three items needed to unlock a Limit Break node: Badges, Coins, and Shards (to upgrade to 3-stars). The badges you’ll need for the character are the same as the character’s class. (example: Duelist characters will require Duelist badges). Badges can only be farmed on specific boss (challenge) stages. For example, Esper badges can be obtained from Mosquito Girl, Konbu Infinity, Sky King, and Hellish Blizzard boss challenges.

Similar to other sources in the game, if you don’t have enough, you can just tap the item’s icon to see all the available boss stages for Sweeping. As long as you have enough stamina, you can conveniently tap Sweep to obtain your badges (and other rewards for that stage) instantly. Boss stages that you haven’t unlocked or cleared yet can’t be Swept.

Limit Break Guide

Shards are needed to Limit Break to 3-stars and above. Shards are obtained primarily by getting a duplicate of the character through recruitment. You also have a chance of getting shards of characters that are part of Boss Challenges. Some shards are even sold in the Mall or awarded as rewards. The shards of SSR and some SR characters can be hard to come by since you have a relatively low chance of getting them via recruitment. That said, you’ll be able to use Omnishards. These can act as stand-ins for character’s missing shards. As much as possible, I suggest using them only if there are only one or two shards missing to unlock a node. Omnishards come in two variants: SR and SSR.

Limit Break Guide

That concludes our Limit Break Guide in One Punch Man - The Strongest. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more One Punch Man - The Strongest content!

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